The Cask of Amontillado

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The Cask of Amontillado is perceived as a horror story with a horrific setting, making it unique. The author takes the reader through a dreadful state, an issue that leaves readers with intense fear and unknowing state of emotions. Some of the attributes that make the horrific reading include the ability to take readers through a moment of confrontation with feared spirits and undeniable truth. 

The unique attributes of horror movies which can be used in the comparison of the article include the following. Usually, horror movies intend to touch the emotions of the audience through fright, terror, and disgust. In such films, narrators reveal unsettling theme, which is designed to frighten the audience. This includes incorporation of key characters which help others to realize the evil acts, intended to terrify viewers. Usually, the created atmosphere comprises dark, bleak scenes, characterized by disturbing shadows and strange images to create a frightening mood. Another essential characteristic of horror movies includes creepy sounds which are meant to create shock. However, directors can consider using dead silence to create anticipation among the audience. Other important attributes include scenes of intense gore which are used with an intention to create a frightening mood because of the torture, unexplained murder or revenge theme as for the case of this article. Furthermore, the films tend to show evil forces which can be revealed by people, animals or unknown creatures or even stereotypes which are known to be associated with dark power. 

Apparently, the Cask of Amontillado is similar to a horror movie because it is dark and full of mysterious tales from the author. Through the story, readers cannot tell the name of the narrator, leaving the audience in suspense until the end. The story is based on the notion that Fortunato had hurt Monstresor, who is seeking revenge, although the cause of conflict is never revealed. 

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Furthermore, it is revealed that Fortunato has a weakness for alcohol, an avenue that Montresor seeks to utilize. He is lured to a secret place, which happens to be an underground cemetery that belongs to the Montresor Family. Usually, horrific movies are set in such setting, and characters are perceived to have an ability to interact with the dead. Fortunato is apparently trapped in one of the catacombs where is left to die by his friend who indicates that it is an act of revenge for what he did to him fifty years ago (Poe n.p). Like in horror movies, the atmosphere created by the narrator is full of mystery and oppressiveness which is used by the scholar to create tension. Although the novel does not display any form of supernatural elements, he uses the horrible deeds to express his revenge mission. Other attributes used by the scholar to express horror include the use of unreliable narrator and psyches. Poe manages to sustain a mood of terror and horror throughout his work. For instance, when describing the entrance to the cemetery, Monstresor passes through a wall piled with bones and some places which are lined with human remains, creating a horrific atmosphere (Poe n.p). 

People often watch or read horrific stories to get frightened, a psychological feeling among most of the audience. The Cask of Amontillado is a fascinating story worth reading as it leaves readers with terrific and horrible feeling. Besides, the short story is based on different elements which make it unique. This includes the choice of characters, setting, the plot, its purse and symbols used to express the revenge mission. 

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