The Day the Purpose of College Changed


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Why might Reagan have said that taxpayers shouldn’t be “subsidizing intellectual curiosity”? What is that he speaks of? What is your opinion on that?

Regan said this to mean that people should not be paying for educational programs that promoted intellectual curiosity. The government would only be subsidizing courses that promised the students jobs upon completion of the studies.  Reagan referred to intellectual curiosity as the education curricula that emphasized on liberal education that focused on intellectual development instead of preparing students for jobs (Berrett entire). Reagan speaks of intellectual luxuries that have been prevalent in the higher education system in the United States America and Reagan criticizes this type of education saying that he prefers the education that would grant job for students rather than just cultivating their minds. In my opinion, liberal education is good and I would be at crossroads with the ideas and views of Reagan. The society is empowered through liberal education which is important for self-cultivation. Hence intellectual luxuries are not luxuries but rather should be encouraged to be paid for in higher education institutions.

Why did most college students pick their college campus in the 80s? How did that differ from the previous reason?

Majority of the college students in the 80s selected business and commerce programs compared to previous years. Freshmen considered business courses to be the best route to employment and serve in better-paying jobs compared to the liberal courses that were only for intellectual cultivating but offered less paying jobs. While previously student would select courses to learn things they were interested in, the shift changed in the 80s with student learning in order to acquire jobs. Additionally, students wanted courses that were essential for their establishment of a meaningful philosophy of life (Berrett entire).

Why did YOU pick UCSD?

I picked UCSD since it offers first-rate higher education and it is an institution with a rich history of culture. Additionally, its courses are among the best in the world with top researchers coming from UCSD.  The marketplace philosophy of UCSD plus the school dynamic education system that offers to respond to challenges faced by humanity in the contemporary world enhanced it as my preferred choice. Moreover, UCSD offers courses that promise future paying jobs which are necessary for me after studies. 

Nurses should know what of their patients, and why? 

Nurses should know how to draw blood as well as the cultural influences of the patients in order for them to be aware of patients’ thoughts while taking the medication (Berrett entire). This is important as the nurses will be aware of patients’ behaviors towards specific medications.

“The New Jim Crow”

Once prisoners are released, what are they denied?

Once prisoners are released from jail, they are denied their rights to vote, are separated from juries as well as relegated to a racially segregated and subordinated existence (Alexander 2). Additionally, they are denied formal employment, housing plus public benefits that others enjoy.

What did the media do with the images surrounding “crack cocaine”?

The media saturated the images of crack cocaine with the worst undesirable racial stereotypes concerning the poor and impoverished inner-city residents. This media bonanza assisted to catapult the War on Drugs from the federal war that has been ambitious on the issue to a real war (Alexander 5).

What do racial caste systems need to survive?

The racial caste system survived since it was invisible among the individuals in the society and it was being slowly established and implemented through other methods when the older methods failed to work. Further, this caste system thrives with no hostility making it survive in generations (Alexander 4).

What does Alexander say will end mass incarceration?

According to Alexander, mass incarceration will be ended when those who care about social justice commit to the cause of ending it.  Furthermore, avoiding attacks on affirmative action and lax on civil rights movements can lead to mass incarceration abolishment (Alexander 6).

“Ivory Tower”

What has college been sold as? What is going wrong with it?

College over the past years been sold as a key for a fundamental better future. Colleges no longer value their privileges of providing the right education to students to the society. This has led to colleges providing mere education that is shallow in the ingredients required for a purposeful education.

What type of education does Harvard value most? Why?

Harvard education values liberal arts education most. This education system requires students to learn and develop the ability to reason over the things that happen. Additionally, the education system developed enhances the ability of the students to question over the scenarios they encounter. Further, the education system at Harvard embraces technology to keep up with the contemporary issues of the world. This would ensure students from Harvard are well equipped for their first jobs and further have developed the ability to think critically.

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How has the competition for prestige impacted American colleges? Students?

Colleges in their competition for prestige continue to add on programs that make these colleges marketable to the students. As a result of adding up these programs, the colleges have increased the fees to cater for the increased debts. This has resulted in competition for prices among the American colleges. The students have been impacted by this competition since they have been slapped with higher fees that align with the college status of being a higher ranking institution. 

Explain the importance of the out-of-state student for college campuses

The out of state student is crucial to the declining state support as these students pay their tuition fees in entirety without the assistant of financial donors making them important for the college to run smoothly without the need of borrowing which reduces debts.

If the college classroom is an example of real-world democracy, what would make Deer Springs College unique?

Yes, it would be unique since the college classroom rehearses the students for future roles in the democratic society. Students are mandated to observe self -governance, and they speak with one another in a language of civility and respect. Additionally, they learn to appreciate other people’s point of view which is crucial in a democracy.

Why does the Cooper Union offer free tuition for all enrolled students? Who did they want to include?

They offered free tuition for students to study useful and practical arts. They include all people no matter their background or race hence both whites and people of color were eligible for the free higher education at the Cooper Union.

Higher Education Act of 1965 and its modern-day contradictions

Higher education Act of 1965 mandated eligibility of every high school senior to Federal student aid programs. This act provided that students wouldn’t be turned away due to their poor family backgrounds. Modern day education is viewed as wastage of taxpayers money hence intellectual curiosity must be paid for by those who need it instead of being provided by the government. Modern-day views education as an investment that one undertakes with a future of being able to start earning as a return to their investments (Rossi entire).

What are the goals of “unlearning” as an alternative to traditional education

Unlearning expects individuals to help the community in the ways that the education system would not have done. Additionally, it helps those who cannot afford decent education to shift their focus to other things that are beneficial to humanity. 

How is technology widening access to college courses?

Technology widens access to college courses through lack of interaction between the tutors and students and hence they are prone to fail in their grades as a result of the inadequacy of face to face experience that is crucial for students (Rossi entire).

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“Inequality for All”

What are the similarities between the market crashes after 1928 and 2007?

Both years are peak years for income concentration and according to IRS data shows that the one percent at the top took twenty-three percent of the total income.

Consumer spending is ________% of the American economy. How do they keep it going? Who keeps it going?

Consumer spending is 70% of the American economy. The strong middle class keeps consumer spending going. They keep the consumer spending going through being strong, vibrant and growing in numbers as well as through intimidation.

How does the government define “middle class”?

According to the government, the middle class is the percentages of households with yearly incomes within fifty percent of the average household.

What is the problem with the spending of the richer class?

The problem of the richer class is their inability to spend too much of what they earn hence they generate insufficient economic activities through their little expenditure.

Is there a such thing as a completely free market? Why or why not?

Completely free markets do not exist anywhere in the world leave alone the United States. This is because the government sets the rules of market functionality.

What “happened” in the late 1970s?

In the 1970s wages flattened. This led to widening inequality hence the middle-class share of national income reduced significantly. 

Where do your dollars go when you buy an iPhone? How does it relate to globalization?

The dollars that iPhone gets from the sales are dispersed to the various countries that the iPhone is assembled with the biggest benefiting country being Japan and followed by Germany. The manufacturer of iPhone sought to globalization in order to maintain its competitiveness in the home country, the United States. By owning subsidiaries in different countries, the company became nonunion which is beneficial to its competitive edge in the home country (Kornbluff entire). Globalization has led to the countries where the company headquarters are located to be deprived of the economic gains that the subsidiary countries get as a result of the company locating there.

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Globalization and technology have done what to the incomes of Americans?

Globalization and technology have greatly affected the incomes of the Americans. Americans can no longer enjoy their normal incomes as a result of these two factors. Technology has enabled the phasing out of production process that the greatly depended on human labor and it is now replaced with automated processes. This has led to a reduction of the human labor required in the manufacturing companies thus a decrease in wages for the Americans.

What is the “virtuous cycle”?

A virtuous cycle is a situation in the United States where the wages and benefits of the middle class go down as the economy progresses (Kornbluff entire).

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