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Why student loans should not be forgiven 🔥 trending

Education is one of the essential tools an individual can acquire. It gives people the knowledge and skills they need to get a job, make a…

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Subject: Sociology
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The Day the Purpose of College Changed

Why might Reagan have said that taxpayers shouldn’t be “subsidizing intellectual curiosity”? What is that he speaks of? What is your opinion on that?Regan said this…

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Subject: Education
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Free college proposal by Bernie Sanders

The Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has proposed the “College for All Act” whose main aim is to eliminate tuition fees for undergraduate students in public…

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Should College Be Free Essay: Purpose of College

Should college be free? This question has been a contentious topic for discussion over the years. Many people argue that college should be free to offer learning opportunities to students who can’t afford to enroll for money. On the flip side, students might not take their studies seriously when college is free.

The tuition fee for higher education is very high in the United States of America. So, the government offers student loans to enable students to access a good college education. Consequently, many end up with a huge student debt to deal with after completing school.

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