The Events that Led the 13 Colonies


The events that resulted in the thirteen colonies moved from a country that is newly independent to a transcontinental nation was crucial in ensuring free colonies. The colonies got the opportunity to have their own governments, laws, and rights. However, the colonies went through many challenges that mainly included discrimination, unfair taxes, and not having the ability to vote. The challenges resulted in the Boston Massacre that later resulted in the Revolutionary War. It then resulted in the separation where the United States became stronger than the Great Britain. The specific events that resulted in the thirteen colonies are as follows.

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Increased Levels of Discrimination

During the colonial period, the American Colonists were facing high levels of discrimination as they were under the control of Great Britain. Discrimination was obvious from the fact that the colonists were forced to pay unfair taxes that made them angry enough to start a revolution (National Park Service).

Signing of the Treaty of Paris

Another event that resulted in the 13 colonies is the signing of the Treaty of Paris in the year 1783, which was after the end of the revolution (Library of Congress). The treaty made the United States be recognized as one of the nations of the world. However, it did not assure them that Europe would recognize it because it still saw the US as its colony (National Park Service). In addition, the war between Britain and France complicated the ability of the U.S to protect the rights to its shipments and sailors. In some cases, Britain took over its shipment and forced the Americans to join its army.

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The Quasi-War

Increased attacks on the American ships by the French resulted in the Quasi-War. In addition, Britain had restricted all the neutral countries like the United States from trading with France when they started a war with them in the year 1803. Such restrictions made the US believe that Britain wanted to re-impose the colonial rule on them (Library 0f Congress).


Evidently, the American colonists fought for what they believed in, thus resulting in the 13 colonies. The main reasons that led to the colonies include the increased levels of discrimination, the quasi-war, and the events after the treaty of Paris was signed.

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