The Unseen Role of Nature and Nurture on Personal Intelligence


Assignment 3b.2: Journal Entry

In my personal experience, nature, like nurture, greatly influences the intelligence of an individual. The influence of nature on intelligence has been evident in my own life. For example, watching television series such as Burn Notice has boosted my intelligence since am able to make some of the spy tools used in the TV series. I have also interacted with children from both poor and wealthy background and from the interactions; I realized that the children from wealthier and more educated families are smarter than their counterparts from poor background. The children from wealthy background are constantly gains exposure to an environment of modern technology, which sharpens their intelligence (University of Virginia, 2015). Educated parents not only read stories to their children at night but also take them to museums, activities that are very important in boosting the intelligence of a child.

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Of the nine types of intelligence as provided by Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, I exhibit logical-mathematical and intrapersonal intelligences the most. This is because I am a great logical thinker and have extraordinary interpersonal skills as most of my friends normally say (Chapter 8). However, I only possess the creativity intelligence according to Stenberg’s triarchic theory of intelligence. This creativity has enabled me make most of the Burn Notice spy tools.

As per the nature vs. nature debate, intelligence is both learned inherited. However, I think that nature plays an important part. For instance, a study by the University of Virginia (2015) revealed that adopted Swedish twins raised in more educated and wealthier families exhibited a higher IQ than their siblings brought up by poorer parents. Moreover, education as well as stimulating environments is important in increasing the intelligence of an individual (Chapter 8).

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