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CyraCom International has received recognition as one of the private companies in the United States that has been registering significant growth. For 11 years, the company has appeared on different lists that recognize companies with remarkable growth in different industries. There is evidence that the company has established a strong reputation in the language services industry (Russell & Russell, 2009). Evidently, the outstanding growth and performance of the company is the result of the extensive training that the company provides to its interpreters (CyraCom International, 2013). In the language services industry, employees must exhibit remarkable skills in interpretation. CyraCom International has implemented training programs for interpreters that seek to empower them with the competencies they need.

CyraCom International has established a rigorous training program for interpreters. The program serves an important role in preparing the new employees for the role of handling different calls. Each interpreter must undergo 120 hours of training that includes 40 hours of practical activities with supervision. During the training program, interpreters gain familiarity with the best practices in the industry, the importance of cultural issues in interpretation, as well as the required terminology in everyday practice (CyraCom International, 2013). The company recognizes the importance of hands-on experience and ensures that interpreters gain such experience by participating in different learning activities and sessions. During classroom training, the interpreters focus on understanding the context of the calls that define CyraCom services. 

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Throughout the classroom training, the interpreters receive feedback from the trainers or instructors empowering them to register continuous improvement. After the rigorous classroom training, the interpreters move on to the over-the-phone session which represents the interpretation practicum. During these sessions, the interpreters focus on active interpretation while receiving feedback and guidance from a coach. The coach ensures that each of the interpreters exhibits a significant mastery of the skills and abilities needed in the interpretation. The company helps employees to acquire the new competencies and register positive outcomes in interpretation (Russell & Russell, 2009). For a total of five weeks, the company ensures that all the interpreters acquire unique skills and abilities that enable them to meet their responsibilities effectively. After the training sessions, the interpreters can handle calls on their own. However, there are daily debriefing sessions in which they highlight the aspects of their job that are challenging. After the debriefing sessions, the coaches provide the interpreters with additional guidelines on how to overcome the major challenges in their work. 

CyraCom International makes a significant investment in the training and development of interpreters. Through training, the company can increase the quality of services that it delivers. The training is tailored to meet the needs of the interpreters and to ensure that each of the hired individuals can demonstrate a significant mastery of different interpretation abilities (CyraCom International, 2013). As a result, the company has been enjoying the benefits of effective training programs that empower employees to deliver exemplary services. In the case of CyraCom International, each of the interpreters at the company has the privilege of receiving well-structured training programs that promote a critical understanding of the expectation of customers or clients in the sector. The training ensures that the interpreters can handle different situations while maintaining high levels of professionalism (Bohlander & Snell, 2010). It is clear that the company has been registering positive outcomes due to the remarkable commitment of training employees before they can start working for the company. 

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