Transnational crime, human trafficking and security

Subject: Sociology
Type: Synthesis Essay
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Topics: Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the major transnational criminal activities that is rapidly growing in the world. Currently, drug abuse, unlawful migration and human trafficking have all turned out to be more common in Asia and North America where organized crime is a transnational problem (Williams, 1994). Albanese (2011) suggests that fighting these crimes is an uphill task since it is challenged by factors such as corruption in the law enforcement agencies and loopholes in criminal law. Fighting such crimes requires a solid criminal law framework that secures the welfare of the society.

Human trafficking is a dynamic crime that is influenced by factors such as the global financial crisis, migration, and social class pressures etc. Hughes (2000) depicts human trafficking as a social issue. For instance, He highlights the proximity of sporadic transitory migrants prodded from economic emergency, ethnic oppression, and the social imbalances. These factors provide an incentive for people to undertake criminal activities by taking advantage of the migration sector.

Shelley (1995) shows how the security of nations is undermined organized criminal gangs or cartels that are occupied with the illegal trade in arms, drugs, and human trafficking around the globe. Such activities create chaos and insecurity among neighborhoods, Naylor (1995) argues that these activities are a threat to governments’ interests of maintaining peace because of the destabilizing sway that every movement can have on a country or region. More important is the manner by which terrorists benefit from this unlawful trade, creating basic sources of financing utilized for everything from recruiting to acquisition of weapons and explosives of various kinds to broaden and grow the extent of their fight.

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