Unintended pregnancies

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Topics: Abortion, Birth Control, Parenting, Teenage Pregnancy

Identify the population of interest and health condition/event to your practice. Specify how you define the population.

Unintended pregnancies has been posing a negative consequences for numerous women in Illinois state. The effect is not only on the women but also family and entire society. Birth that tend to emanated from unintended pregnancy in Illinois state stands at 45% of all pregnancies in US (Adams, Galactionova, & Kenney, 2015). The population study that will form part of my analysis will be on women of productive age in Illinois state. Research proves that for every 1000 women aged between 15 – 44, there is an approximate of 45 unintended pregnancies on daily basis. Simplifying this further, for every four teens in US three of them suffer or are likely to suffer from unintended pregnancies. This high rate of unintended pregnancies among productive women in Illinois state poses a challenge in the future economy of US as high population tend to have an adverse effect on economy.

Summarize your search process. Specify what sources of health statistics were searched to find relevant health statistics.

In my search process, it is evident that growth of unintended pregnancies in Illinois state is on the rise and this constitutes a major issue of concern (Sonfield & Kost, 2015). Despite the rising trend of this issue of nation concern, health department is in the process of enacting measures that would aid in reducing increase of unintended pregnancies in Illinois state as well as entire nation. For instance, in 2014, publicly supported family planning centres in the state issued 154,660 females with contraceptives. Besides, 20% of women were in dire need on contraceptive (Ailes, Dawson, et.al, 2015). With this campaign, the health department proves to show relevant concern in thwarting the menace.

Provide the health information obtained in the search.

  • Unintended pregnancy among productive women in Illinois state stand at 45% of the entire population in US.
  • At the rate of 20% provision of contraceptives in US, the high number of unintended pregnancies would reduce.

Interpret your findings and determine if there is any evidence of health disparities based on.

Illinois state constitutes one of the US states having high number of productive women having unintended pregnancies. However based on the control pregnancies plan the number show high chances of reducing.

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