Waste Management: Maura’s Article


The article concerns Baldor Food Company and how the organization manages its waste materials. The food company is familiar with waste materials such as carrot tops and peelings, green-bean stems and vegetable refuse (Judkis, 2017). While these materials are popularly called ‘scraps,’ Thomas McQuillan who is the director for sustainability  prefers to refer to them as ‘sparcs’ which is scraps spelt backwards (Judkis, 2017). The push to effectively manage wastes at the company has seen them use the ‘sparcs’ to prepare vegetable broth, transport the same for use as chicken feed, composting or for processing of juices. According to Natural  Resources Defense Council an average family of four spends up to $1,560 yearly on food they do not eat (Judkis, 2017). Therefore, the company saves a lot of money by turning wastes into edibles or rather useful products.

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The article presents a valuable truth in this day and age whereby environmental degradation is a big problem. Further, the prevailing economic conditions require that people adapt money saving techniques to sustain their families. With so many people worldwide falling below the poverty line, it is important to spend wisely and to embrace innovation in all settings.

Maura Judkis is a reporter based in Washington D.C. who covers the topics of culture, food and the arts. She is currently based at the Washington Post newspaper. Maura went to George Washington University in 2007 where she studied a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. She is also a graduate of the University of Southern California/ National Endowment for the Arts in journalism fellow.

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The mission and vision statements of Washington Post include a set of principles such as:

  1. Telling the truth in the best way possible
  2. Expose the truth regarding the affairs of America and the world
  3. Observing the necessary decencies required for every private gentleman
  4. Printing content that is suitable for readership among both young and old people
  5. Serving its duty towards the readers before its private interests

The article is purposed to alert the reader about the evolution of waste management. Waste management is a major current issue whose effective management should begin at the domestic level. However, the author was biased in that she concentrates on food-based waste materials. For instance, the article highlights the waste management techniques at Baldor and introduces the slime head fish meal that was pioneered by Archibald Alexander Leach (Cary Grant) in a separate restaurant. Waste management is a wide topic in which the author could possibly educate her audience on a wide variety of issues.

The author ignored the need to give in-depth explanations on the waste management processes at Baldor and the sustainability levels of the practices thereof. Also, the writer does not incorporate words that would potentially involve the reader but is concentrated on presenting facts regarding Baldor and other similar food companies. Additionally, she fails to provoke the reader into action by just giving information without any apparent drive towards personal change. All the same, the argument was highly informative and enlightening; it is also helpful in the modern day whereby environmental pollution caused by poor waste management is the major cause of environmental degradation and dirt in public spaces. However, the author’s mention of the difficulty involved in convincing people that the ‘sparcs’ initiative is an excellent idea is confusion especially given the savings involved in the practice and the jobs created in some instances.

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