What Constitutes a Good Life?

Subject: Sociology
Type: Argumentative Essay
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Topics: Social Issues, Government

This paper is in agreement with the article and in response to the paragraph, the following is found to be in cause for the growth of a good society. First, security. It is important for the citizens of a particular nation to have security as part of the pillar for their strength. Security is measured by the ability of the government to safeguard the interests of its citizens (Duffield 23). This can include, the physical, material and the investments of the people who are being governed. As the article suggests, the security of a people is essential to good life as it extends to the protection of the culture of the society. It is also important to highlight the impact of security on the governance of a society. The state of the world as is stands is destructive as there exists various threats to the wellbeing of the society. These threats include acts of terrorism that are rampant in the society. A country cannot offer a good life for its society in times of crises such as civil wars, terrorism and disease outbreaks (Kingma 134). Thus, it is important for the government to improve conditions that highlight on security measures in order to maximize good create a good society.

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Secondly, the creation of freedom is important in a state for good governance. The measure of a good life in the society as it exists today is through the measurement of autonomy in the society (Lash 15). A society is made up of different people who have different beliefs and cultures that congregate in a country to create it. The article mentions that a society often has shared beliefs and values. These beliefs are created through co-existence of different facets of peoples within an area. It is important for a governing body to create a safe environment for the diverse people within the society to exist and practice their traditions without being harassed or discriminated against. Autonomy is also important in the governing aspect. Creating a good life for the people entails having a governing body that is free of external influence (Mouzelis 79). This enables the government to make decisions that are important for the wellbeing of its people without the reliance of instructions from external forces. These decisions are also represented through the upholding of the peoples belief systems and values in order to uphold their human rights and freedoms.

Lastly, in further support of this article, in order to create a good life for citizens, there has to be a safeguard of their growth potential and patterns. This growth is measured by the creation of various institutions that safeguard these such as education complexes like schools and hospitals. This potential is often measured by the creation of jobs and opportunities through educational programs (Fagerlind & Saha 66). These institutions are also important in the governance of a society and include public institutions like courthouses. It is important for the society’s values to be guarder against moral rot. Thus, the society comes together and creates various institutions that help protect them against the evils in the society through the election of a government to help pass laws and various legislation (Spaaj & Lind 443). The government that is elected by the people and for the people gives the necessary stability in the society for the people to flourish. This is done by facilitating all the necessary elements that enable citizens to live a good life.

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