Why I Honor the American Flag


American Flag is one of the most significant symbols of unity and freedom for millions of American citizens worldwide. The American Flag has been in existence for approximately five centuries. This Flag serves various functions, from symbolizing sacrifice, unity, solidarity, and freedom for ordinary citizens and military personnel, among other security forces. The Flag further offers identity to the varied athletes in different sports representing America in various competitions across the world. My honor for the American Flag is built on the meaning the Flag holds and the significance it has continuously upheld since its establishment before 1700.

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American Flag as a Symbol

The American Flag was established to serve various meanings that form the basis for my honor as a symbol of peace, unity, and dedication to the American course(Eileen, 2016). Historically, the American Flag was established as a symbol of values that Americans embody, not to mention the ideals of democracy that have been engraved within all American citizenries (“flag as a sacred political symbol,” 2016). This Flag serves as a symbol of perseverance and hope, which are critical while facing varied adversities within the American borders. Honoring the Flag upholds democracy and the power of togetherness and solidarity. The American Flag symbolizes the freedom the ancient fathers fought for during colonialism (“post-colonial symbol,” 2016). The founding fathers underwent inhuman circumstances and warfare that later own rendered the United States a free and independent state. Notably, the American Flag contains stripes and stars that depict the values of justice, democracy, and unity that the American citizenry has become the new identity of Americans over generations.

American Flag’s Role in the Revolutionary War

Furthermore, the American Flag has played a significant role since the revolutionary war. Many American citizens acknowledge the revolutionary war’s impact on America’s history. The revolutionary war resulted in the creation of the current United States. Since then, the American Flag has continually been used to symbolize unity and strength. The Flag is a tangible item that reminds all patriotic Americans of the independence attained. The American Flag symbolized the country’s stability and unity during World War II (“Wearing the flag: Patriotism and globalization,” 2016). It was displayed as a sign of patriotism by citizens of all backgrounds and was flown on battlefields by brave soldiers defending the nation’s freedoms. The Flag’s blue, white and red colors continue to represent the values of courage and unity that were exemplified during this period (“Wearing the flag: Patriotism and globalization,” 2016). The Flag’s significance during World War II remains evident even today.

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The American Flag is a national symbol passed down through the generations and is often displayed proudly in front of homes and businesses. It represents the values and ideals of the United States as a nation. The Flag is often seen waving in the wind, expressing the freedom and independence of the country. It further represents the fundamental rights granted to all citizens, including the freedom of speech, religion, and the right to pursue our goals and aspirations. Finally, it is a symbol of the sacrifices made by American veterans to defend these rights. Showing respect for the Flag honors those who have served and continue to serve the United States of America and preserves the memory of America’s history and heritage.

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