Rosa Parks And The Civil Rights Movement

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Topics: Civil Rights Movement, Feminism, Rosa Parks


Among the key and most significant developments that took place in the 1960s, the Civil Rights Movement and differences in the youth culture are conceivably the most prominent. To begin with, the Civil Rights Movement was the dominant theme because it was essential for people of color and especially for females. The anti-segregation movement during this historical period was spearheaded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and it was principally his activism that paved the way for the desegregation of schools and other civic facilities. From another point of view, women’s literature began to be created, encouraging female readers to stand up for gender equality and adopt a feminist approach. These efforts ultimately resulted in the Civil Rights Act being amended to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex.

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Formation of the Civil Rights Movement

However, despite the fact that the law was in place, militant black community activists recognized the difficulties they had to endure in their movement of emancipation. Not only did they seek civil rights improvements, in addition to the civil rights reforms, they moreover had to deal with the political, economic, and cultural implications of a history of race-based discrimination. During this period, African Americans were being harassed and separated even on mass transit. Although what became the watershed moment of the full year-long boycott of mass transit in Alabama was achieved after Rosa Parks decided not to sit in the back of the bus, however, equality is still not universally acknowledged in the United States of America. There are still racial prejudices and discrimination that exist even in the present day, and they have never diminished.

The reason for differences in the youth culture

The second thing is the differences in teen culture. In the 60s, there were many children who were born after World War II who grew up to be teenagers or early adults, and they were raised with a completely opposite way of thinking and mentalities from the rest of the generation. At that time, their parents were of a more conventional outlook, one that was preservative and decent. At the same instant, a lot of the youth were calling into doubt practically all things — starting with gender roles in the family, social status, and down to their education. This departure from the established way of life resulted in the development of rock and roll, the acceptance of non-Western concepts such as infinite and peaceful contemplation and the increased output of liberal cinema. In this historical period and at this stage of American development, liberal principles appeared to be more central than established religions.

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Comparison of modern and traditional cultures

When we look back in history, we can certainly trace significant transformations within certain subcultures if we compare them to the popular culture of our time. Music can serve as a vivid and striking illustration, as we can see that in our time the vast majority of songs are filled with obscenity, and the majority of music videos must be complemented by female dancers. The songs of our current generation are more and more focused on finding positive emotions from life with constant use of drugs and alcohol, while the songs of the 60s are radically different, they were written about joy, pleasure from being alive and playing music, or about being in love. This clearly proves how conventional and preservative the 60s were, and how much change has taken place in our youth culture.


These two points of discussion are still valid to this day, as there is still racial prejudice, as well as conventional and stereotypical parents or youth who are out to improve the world and those who have developed the path of progress and do not adhere to old customs or traditionalism. The majority of people address the issue of racial prejudice or an enlightened culture filled with obscenity by launching a revolt, protest, movement, and many other things to draw social awareness to the fact that this problem is significant and must be tackled. However, one thing we grasp for sure is that the law must be created and enforced to ensure equality for all, irrespective of gender, sexuality, race, or culture.

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