Why I Want to Be a Teacher


Growing up, I would not categorize myself among the kids who grasp concepts fast. I would take time to review materials while getting all help. Mainly, I was not too fond of mathematics because I would find the questions so involving. I presumed that the teacher had made them purposely so we could fail. Despite all this attitude, what stood out for me was the support I received from our mathematics teacher, which, in due time, made mathematics one of my favorite subjects and contributed to my excellent performance. Her support indicates teachers’ significant and inspirational role in education. The teacher’s dedication and attitude towards supporting “not so quick” learners to become excellent performers in a given area greatly inspired me to become one. I want to become a teacher to help and support learners with different learning capabilities to become the best version of themselves in school and life as a citizen of the world.

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Help Learners With Different Learning Capabilities

My motivation to become a teacher is multifaceted, primarily based on my personal experiences in life. To begin with, teaching is more than just a job; it is vital for everyone looking forward to working in this area to understand (Shaukat et al., 2018). Furthermore, teaching is about helping people, which may happen in different ways. Therefore, I have developed a deep drive to help people understand what they do not understand. It is not news that sometimes there are concepts that may be difficult for learners to understand depending on their level of education and individual capability. That being so, I have always endeavored to develop strategies we can use to break down these concepts into materials that people can easily understand. Moreover, I aim to help young people in education in ways that impact their lives because they could also make it if I made it.

Make a Difference for Learners With Extra Learning Challenges

Secondly, students provide an opportunity for teachers to work with a diverse community and potentially give back by supporting disadvantaged students. Statistics have shown that the current classroom in the United States and other nations is more diverse than ever, especially with the inclusion of special needs students in the general classroom (Ruday, 2018). Students may be disadvantaged for various reasons, including handicaps, place of living, language barrier, or economic disadvantage. Such students require more support to move at an equal or at least almost similar pace to their peers (Hrastinski, 2019). My decision to become a teacher was inspired by the need to make a difference in students’ lives who face learning challenges.

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Shape Society

Over their years in practice, educators impact the lives of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of students. Besides their mandate to teach what is provided for in the curriculum, teachers play the role of counselors and provide role models for many students accounting for their role in shaping society (Popkewitz, 2018). Education is a field of consequence, and people can note the difference teachers create through the lives they impact. Their role in shaping society motivates many, including myself, to join the profession and transform lives. Educators in policy roles also play an important role in developing policies that guide education and morality in society through the programs they create. Besides, it is important to consider that the world is changing phenomenally, and new information is being disseminated daily. Researchers have pointed out that most of the materials that students memorize today will no longer be complete or accurate in the coming years. Therefore, I recognize the need to nurture learners and prepare them for success in the coming years by teaching them important skills such as critical analysis and the ability to use new information in different contexts. My motivation to become a teacher is also based on the need to shape lives and morality in society.


In conclusion, I would like to become a teacher to help and support learners with different learning capabilities to become the best version of themselves in school and life as a citizen of the world. Having transformed from a low performer in school to an excellent student in mathematics, I recognize, respect, and admire teachers’ role in changing students’ lives. Becoming a teacher is a great milestone because it will allow me to work with learners, particularly learners with a lower capability, to help them grasp concepts in a class by breaking down those concepts into materials they can easily understand. Furthermore, as a teacher and a policy maker in education, I will be able to touch many students’ lives and impact morality and knowledge through different learning programs that we will develop. In that case, my decision to become a teacher benefits me and society because there is great harmony between my objectives and my desired contribution to society.

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