Why Online Learning Is Good


Online learning depicts an education system where learners do not necessarily attend physical classes. The learning mode has become an approach to attaining educational goals for different reasons (Zhang et al., 2021). Some of these reasons include the flexibility and cost of education, accessibility, and recognition of the graduates who undertake the training through online platforms. Hence, online learning has the potential to provide an individual with the desired education in a competitive environment. The approach by learning institutions has been evidenced to offer such a mode of education during the current pandemic of Covid-19, which attacked all nations across the world (Zhang et al., 2021). Furthermore, online learning is beneficial since it offers an opportunity to develop time management skills, is affordable, supports workplace preparation, and links a person to the global community. 

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Time Management

Online learning has the benefit of ensuring that learners get to plan and utilize their time efficiently. The situation occurs since online learning has a high level of flexibility, which ascertains that students can undertake their studies from different places. The strategies allow the learners to engage in the management of their time so that they can gain the desired knowledge and skills (Chyr et al., 2017). When students engage in individual planning and scheduling for online classes, they develop skills to manage their time effectively without supervisors. The process of time management also leads to learning skills in scheduling work, identifying priorities, and planning for them in life. Such are vital elements that students need to learn from online learning. Hence, it becomes possible for the students to grow and develop academic and social and work-life skills. In addition, learners get the chance to learn how to be self-disciplined. The situation also makes individuals self-realization and propels them to realize success in their lives.


Online learning is more affordable than physical learning. Students who have to undertake their studies physically in learning institutions have to spend a lot on accommodation and other costs in addition to tuition fees. However, for online learners, education costs are limited to tuition fees only. Such indicates that online learning is affordable compared to physical understanding. Besides, the learning mechanism affordability is also attributed to the ease of access for the learners (Chyr et al., 2017).

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Moreover, affordable life-long learning is promoted through online studies. Students understand that they can undertake further studies online without physically attending institutions of education. Therefore, a nation that supports online learning stands a good chance of realizing a high volume in numbers of intellectuals. Online learning also ensures that learners have the opportunity to enjoy individual attention, which is extended to them by the tutors. Such is evidenced by the fact that learners can directly interact with their tutors on matters regarding education.

Workplace Preparation

Across the globe, organizations are shifting their working structures from physical to remote workstations. The trend has been enhanced by recent technological developments and societal advancements (Bettinger et al., 2017). Thus, as the number of workplaces implementing online working structure increase, the demand for individuals who can work under such circumstances is increasing. Therefore, online learning creates an opportunity for students to learn how to work in such situations. What’s more, the workplace preparation supported by online learning also ascertains that students can comprehend the dynamics involved in the workplace, including leadership and how to interact with virtual leaders. Hence, learners who complete their studies through online learning have an added advantage in the job market, especially in organizations operating in such a work structure.

Link to the Global Village

Online learning effectively allows learners to be linked to the global village. The situation occurs because students can interact with one another, their tutors and professors through the Internet. The process ensures that learners get the chance to learn new skills to create friends through the global village. These skills are also vital for the students since they can utilize them in the job environment, especially when conducting and executing international business deals (Alkış & Temizel, 2018). Moreover, students learn how to communicate professionally through social media, a vital skill in the modern era of technology. Critics often indicate that face-to-face and physical touch is lost through online learning. However, they forget to understand that much time and money is saved through online learning. Hence, individuals have plenty of time and money, which they can use for other business and social activities instead of having physical or face-to-face interactions.


In conclusion, online learning is beneficial since it offers an opportunity to develop time management skills, is affordable, supports workplace preparation, and links a person to the global community. The positive outcomes of online learning have been illustrated by the current Covid-19 pandemic, where institutions of higher learning have continued to provide education to students at their homes. Moreover, online learning accurately indicates the global acceptance of recent technological developments.

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