Wilson’s Fourteen Points

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Topics: Military Science, Political Science, World War 1

The strain for diplomacy in the United States has grown but with no admirable results through history. Perhaps if President Wilson’s Fourteen Points could have been accommodated fully in the treaty of Versailles, then there could have been a change in the course of history. This paper aims to provide speculation of the impact of Wilson’s fourteen points on the course of history concerning World War II and the Cold War.

An article by Nadimi, (2011) identifies that the treaty was meant to restore peace and cohesion between the countries involved in the World War I and ensure that the issues that would stir the Second World War were addressed appropriately. It is important to note that, if most of Wilson’s points were to be included in the Versailles then it would have helped many countries to settle disputes that that would trigger a second world war considering that during that time many countries were affected by the German colonization. For example, Russia experienced the impact of the treaty when Germany was intercepted and obliged to retreat from the Russian territory and develop in its mother country.

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Another impact of the treaty is that it could have influenced a balance in allied and central power among world war countries in conflicting interests (Rodgers, Seidule & Waddell, 2015). For example, Russia and Belgium enjoyed their independence through the initial treaty. In fact, the most of the allied and central countries had conflicts of interests regarding control of power for serenity. The treaty would have assisted the involved countries to restore their independence and reinstate their governments to become sufficient in serving the country.

In conclusion, it is obvious that Wilson’s Fourteen Points would have changed the peace of history in many ways. Firstly, it would stop World War II by reconciling countries that participated in First World War. Secondly, it would influence the balance of power as governments and nations would rule indecently and in cohesion. In fact, these points need to be reconsidered to influence a democratic society that we long for today.

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