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Introduction of Work Interests

My work interests have always been in the medical sector. Growing up, I have always had the passion of helping the weak and the sick in the society. For this reason, my major career goal is to be a Register Nurse and work with not-for-profit organizations to offer medical help and assistance to those who cannot afford the fees for these services. In this project, I will primarily focus on the nursing career that I would want to pursue and which aligns with the work interest profile assessment.

Work Environment and Societal Impacts

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the annual median wage for a Registered Nurse (RN), as of the year 2015, was $67,490. As for the lowest 10% of the RNs, they earned a wage which was less than $46,30 (Boev et al., 2015). For the highest 10%, their annual wage was slightly above $100,000 (Sweet et al., 2017).

There are various issues which impact the career choice of an individual. Some of these issues include their past experiences, skills and abilities, interest and personality types, and culture. The previous experiences of a person have the ability of persuading the individual to choose a particular type of job. For instance, individually, there is a time when I was a child I fell sick and needed urgent medical care. Due to the presence of loving and caring nurses, I got the medical attention I required at that time. After this experience of falling sick and requiring the medical and nursing attention, I decided that I would be a nurse when I grow up (so I can be able to help those who need the services like I did).

According to the BLS, RNs earn 7% more than the overall job postings in the country. This data shows that an RN earns more than most people do in the society. Also, the BLS projects that the nursing workforce would grow by 19%  by the year 2022 (Volti, 2012). In addition to these statistics, the BLS also identified that there is a need for the replacement of more than 500,000 nurses by the year 2022 (Volti, 2012). This replacement will be required by the AACN to keep the nursing workforce healthy and young.

Personal Qualities, Skills, and Fit

There are various skills and qualities that one requires for them to be a nurse. Some of these traits and skills are innate, while some are taught at schools and through job experience. Personally, I have good communication skills. These communication skills allow me to bond with people in the community and pass across any information that needs to be passed. Apart from the communication skills, I am also a good listener. This trait will allow me to be a good nurse who will always be ready to listen to their patients’ needs. The trait of being a good listener goes hand in hand with being a person who is able to pay much attention to the patients’ needs, hence making a good nurse.

However, there are a few skills on which I need to work on to be a good nurse. First, I need to work on my critical thinking skills. The critical thinking skills will allow me to be a good nurse who is able to make good decisions on the spot. In addition, I also need to work on my desire to learn since most nurses need to be curious learners.


Nursing is a career which has made the human race to develop love for one another because the career is all about helping the sick who are in need. With the changes in the society, there are various factors which have increased the chances of more people falling sick. Some of these factors include the global climate change and increase in the amount of junk food we eat. For this reason, it is therefore essential that we have an increase in the nursing workforce.

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