Health Research Paper Topics

Updated: June 20, 2023

Health Research Paper Topics for Original Writing

The medical field is a diverse discipline covering numerous subjects in institutions of higher learning. Professors often assign students health research papers to evaluate their grasp of the course program they are undertaking. Health research papers entail various scientific studies that aim to assess ideas, solve problems, enhance treatment methods, and impact more knowledge about human health conditions.

Health research papers cover aspects such as child care, lifestyle diseases, mental health, nutrition, among many other subjects. Thus, most medical students feel overwhelmed with the numerous assignments and workload in school. But they must complete academic papers to graduate college and start practicing the medical courses.

To write an exceptional paper, you must select relevant and successful research paper topics about health. Due to the diversity, you have a wide array of topics to choose from to compose an excellent paper.

This article provides a compilation of the best health research topic ideas to help you know where to begin your writing process.

How to Select the Best Health Research Paper Topics?

Your health research paper will stand out if you select a topic you are passionate about because you know what it entails. Picking a familiar topic makes your research phase easier since you can build relevant arguments. Conversely, you can also pick an exciting subject and conduct in-depth research to learn more and get significant points.

While many learners think that it is good to choose a broad topic, it is not. Select a topic that has available academic resources for research purposes to avoid wasting time in deep analysis. It is essential to search for supporting evidence that validates your arguments.

Write down all the significant points to help you remember what to write. It acts as a mind map that guides you during the writing process.  Whatever topic you choose, ensure it is interesting to grab the reader’s attention. For instance, you can select a modern-day health problem and turn it into an insightful research paper.

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20 Best Health Topics for Research Paper in 2023

  1. The impact of artificial intelligence in healthcare decision-making
  2. Exploring the potential of gene editing technologies in curing genetic diseases
  3. The role of gut microbiota in maintaining overall health
  4. Investigating the effectiveness of personalized medicine in cancer treatment
  5. The impact of climate change on public health
  6. Exploring the potential of telemedicine in improving access to healthcare in rural areas
  7. The effects of social media on mental health and well-being
  8. Examining the relationship between sleep patterns and chronic diseases
  9. The role of exercise in preventing and managing chronic conditions
  10. The impact of nutrition and dietary choices on brain health
  11. Exploring the potential benefits of mindfulness and meditation in reducing stress and anxiety
  12. Investigating the long-term effects of vaping and e-cigarette use on lung health
  13. The role of wearable devices in monitoring and managing chronic conditions
  14. Examining the impact of air pollution on respiratory health
  15. Exploring the potential of immunotherapy in cancer treatment
  16. Investigating the relationship between mental health and cardiovascular diseases
  17. The effects of prolonged sitting and sedentary lifestyle on overall health
  18. Examining the impact of social determinants on health disparities
  19. The role of digital health interventions in managing mental health conditions
  20. Investigating the effectiveness of alternative and complementary therapies in pain management.

List of Health Research Paper Topics – 15 BEST Ideas

The following is a compilation of exciting health research topic ideas to help you write an excellent thesis:

  1. An analysis of vaccinations in the developing countries
  2. The impact of beauty standards on general health
  3. The health benefits of a vegetarian diet
  4. Why the excessive weight is a health concern globally
  5. The adverse effects of professional sporting activities on human health
  6. Discuss why psychological health is vital in modern society
  7. Is depression a real threat to health today?
  8. The long-term effects of plastic surgery
  9. Ethical implications of surrogacy
  10. Discuss the significance of organ donation
  11. Does human experimentation violate medical ethics?
  12. Pros and cons of alternative medicine
  13. Does weight loss through surgery have harmful effects?
  14. How drug abuse enhances mental disorders
  15. Influence of technology in improving health

15 Health-Related Topics for Research Paper

  1. The impact of ethical leadership in the health care system
  2. Reasons why pregnant women need special health care
  3. Influence of technology on reproductive health
  4. Long-term effects of over-the-counter medication
  5. Causes and effects of excessive alcohol consumption
  6. Impact of smoking during pregnancy
  7. Why eating a balanced diet is essential for children
  8. Causes, prevention, and treatment of chronic diseases
  9. Pros and cons of the Keto diet
  10. Causes, symptoms, and prevention of heart diseases
  11. Case study of teenagers and drug abuse
  12. Challenges of advanced technology in the health sector
  13. Advantages and disadvantages of health insurance
  14. Effects of a clean environment for a child’s development
  15. The significance of health care workers in a community
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10 Mental Health Research Paper Topics

  1. Management of the bipolar disorder
  2. Effect of stress and anxiety in the human body
  3. Does overindulgence in social media result in mental health problems?
  4. Long-term effects of using anti-depressants
  5. The relationship between trauma and mental disorders
  6. Discuss the mental disorders affecting the youth
  7. Ways to create mental health awareness in modern society
  8. Homeless people are more prone to suffer from mental illnesses
  9. Depression is a silent killer: Justify the statement
  10. Does regular exercise alleviate mental issues?

10 Health Science Research Paper Topics

  1. Why are people becoming more resistant to antibiotics?
  2. Discuss the importance of exclusive breastfeeding
  3. Causes, symptoms, and treatment of anorexia
  4. Effects of modern contraceptives on women’s fertility
  5. Prevention of lifestyle diseases
  6. The success of stem cell technology in treating cancer
  7. Euthanasia: Moral and ethical concerns
  8.  Pros and cons of herbal medicine
  9. Legalization of abortion
  10. Can autism be detected early in pregnancy?

10 Research Paper Topics Health Care

  1. Effects of climate change on health
  2. Types of infectious diseases
  3. Maternal care and child health concerns
  4. Reduction of teen pregnancy
  5. Pros and cons of chemotherapy
  6. Is plastic surgery a safe practice?
  7. Is organ harvesting morally acceptable?
  8. Assisted suicide and medical ethics
  9. Advanced treatment of HIV/AIDS pandemic
  10. Causes and effects of insomnia

10 Health Research Paper Ideas for Easy Writing

  1. Effective methods of memory improvement
  2. Trauma and mental disorders
  3. Causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of hypertension
  4. Impact of unsafe abortions on health
  5. Discuss why basic healthcare should be accessible to all human beings
  6. Does sexual education prevent the spread of STDs
  7. The significance of reproductive health in modern society
  8. How technology impacts surgical procedures today
  9. Ways in which the government can improve the healthcare system
  10. Should health equity be a mandatory policy?

5 Ways to Enhance Creativity and Motivation

Writing is a skill that few possess, and many students are willing to learn. Academic writing is mandatory in schools since it forms part of the course program. Therefore, you must find ways to enhance your creativity and motivate yourself to write.

Below are tried and tested methods to improve your writing.


As a student, you must commit yourself to attain academic success. One way is to improve your writing skills through practice and study. Commitment towards your academics will motivate you to become a better academic writer because you will jeopardize your future with substandard grades.


Having the best research skills will help you get information more efficiently; thus, saving time to accomplish other assignments. Knowing where to search relevant academic resources online and in the college library is essential in composing well-researched papers.

Read Books

Most learners underestimate the power of reading books and other resources. Reading helps you to build vocabulary, improve grammar and enhance creativity. Therefore, it is crucial to develop a habit of regularly reading books.


College life is quite hectic, and you must plan your schedule. Prioritizing your schoolwork is essential to help you focus on what is essential. You will get time to study and complete research papers on time.


Make sure you identify a quiet and serene spot to write. Avoid distractions and public places since they will overwhelm your writing. Picking the proper environment is essential in delivering exceptional papers.

BONUS Advice

While research paper writing may prove challenging to many students, it can be pretty easy with practice and a few strategies. Choosing appropriate research paper topics about health will help you in developing concrete arguments. Don’t forget to conduct a thorough edit to eliminate all errors and improper sentence structures. Editing and proofreading is a vital phase that most students often neglect. Thus, proofread your paper thoroughly and make sure every comma is in its place.

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