50+ Nursing Essay Topics

Updated: January 8, 2024

In the study of nursing, you are required to write several essays based on various nursing topics. You need to be careful with the topics you choose for the essays to perform well in the essay assignments. However, most students find it challenging in selecting the best topics, suitable for their essays, and that is why we have this article to guide you in selecting your topics.

High-Quality Tips on How to Select the Best Nursing Essay Topic?

Nursing is a broad course covering multiple topics that students always write essays. Also, to get the best of performance in your essays, you need to have topics that will wow your readers. Nonetheless, how best can one select a suitable essay topic? The following three simple guidelines will help you to choose your essay topics.

  • What do you want to write on?

It is a critical question that you need to ask yourself before you can settle on a particular topic. It will help you narrow down your ideas. Since nursing is an extensive course, figure out what you are required to write on. Make sure your topic is in line with the subject and content you will write about to avoid complicating yourself.

  • Let the topic be interesting to the readers

Most readers like appealing topics. So make sure that your topic interest the reader. It may be your professor or other target audiences. Also, incorporate useful keywords aligned with what you want to write on. The keywords will form the basis of your essay.

  • Research on the topic

It is advisable that you settle on a topic that you can understand. Therefore, do a lot of research on both the idea you want to write and the topic you intend to describe. Remember, you will need to answer the questions your topic brings. So, gather more information before you can have the final topic.

  • Make it simple and unique

It will be difficult for you to write on a complex topic and also hard for your readers to understand its meaning. Always focus on making your topic easy to understand. Narrow a broader topic. Also, have a topic that you can easily research on. Not too recent and also not very popular so that it can be unique.

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List of Nursing Essay Topics

The following are examples of essay topics on nursing.

  • Discuss the challenges experienced by nurses in the line of duty
  • Explain the roles of nurses in society
  • Describe the nurses’ practice act
  • Name the nursing ethics
  • The philosophy of nursing
  • The advocacy in nursing and palliative care
  • What is the impact of technology on nursing?
  • The advancement in male nursing
  • Nursing education
  • The dangers of continence among children
  • Discuss the importance of antipsychotics in preventing delirium
  • Mental health conditions in men and women
  • Preparation of nurses for a country’s primary health crisis
  • Maternal health care in women
  • The relationship between mental health and depression
  • Discuss the factors that contribute to the alteration of breast milk
  • Considering the roles played by nurses, are they underpaid?
  • Trends on ethical issues in nursing
  • Child mortality rate
  • The prevention and treatment of acne in women
  • The impact of nursing care on infant mortality rates
  • Discus the welfare of nurses
  • Differentiate the traditional and modern nursing
  • The global effect of nursing technology
  • Chemotherapy
  • Factors contributing to non-adherence among male diabetic patients
  • Explain the low turnout for child welfare clinic for children
  • Discuss why the burnout of first-year nursing students is increasing
  • Discuss the causes of cancer
  • Human nutrition

The Best Essay Topics for Nursing Students 2024

  1. Are nurses underpaid?
  2. What sort of ethics should nurses follow? Who should be in charge of monitoring them?
  3. How have the views of society changed about male nurses?
  4. Analyze the process of becoming a nurse. Is it sufficient?
  5. How has technology changed nursing?
  6. Should there be limitations between a nurse and doctor relationship?
  7. Is there too much pressure placed on nurses? If so, what can hospitals do about it?
  8. Should hospitals place restrictions on the number of hours nurses can work per week?
  9. Is there a high rate of depression in nurses?
  10. How did traditional nursing help bring modern nursing to life?

20 Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The importance of mandatory vaccinations for healthcare workers.
  2. The ethical implications of nurse-assisted suicide.
  3. The impact of nurse-patient ratios on patient outcomes.
  4. The role of nurses in advocating for patient rights.
  5. The effectiveness of alternative therapies in nursing care.
  6. The necessity of cultural competency training for nurses.
  7. The legalization of marijuana for medical use and its implications for nursing practice.
  8. The ethical considerations of using placebos in nursing research.
  9. The role of advanced practice nurses in primary care settings.
  10. The significance of evidence-based practice in nursing.
  11. The ethical dilemmas surrounding end-of-life care decisions.
  12. The benefits and challenges of implementing electronic health records in nursing practice.
  13. The impact of nurse-led initiatives on improving patient safety.
  14. The role of nurses in addressing healthcare disparities among vulnerable populations.
  15. The implications of nurse burnout on patient care and safety.
  16. The importance of nursing research in advancing evidence-based practice.
  17. The ethical considerations of organ donation and transplantation in nursing practice.
  18. The role of nursing in addressing the opioid crisis and managing pain effectively.
  19. The impact of technology and artificial intelligence on the future of nursing.
  20. The necessity of comprehensive sex education in nursing curricula.

Pediatric Nursing Essay Topics

  1. The role of pediatric nurses in promoting child health and wellness.
  2. The challenges and rewards of working in pediatric oncology nursing.
  3. The impact of family-centered care on pediatric patients’ outcomes.
  4. The importance of early childhood vaccination programs and the role of pediatric nurses in promoting immunizations.
  5. The management and care of pediatric patients with chronic illnesses or complex medical needs.
  6. The role of pediatric nurses in preventing and managing childhood obesity.
  7. The right culture in pediatric nursing.
  8. The ethical considerations in pediatric end-of-life care and the role of pediatric nurses in supporting families during this difficult time.
  9. The challenges and strategies for providing holistic care to children with developmental disabilities.
  10. The impact of technology on pediatric nursing practice, including telehealth and electronic health records.
  11. The role of pediatric nurses in advocating for child safety and injury prevention.

10 Most Controversial Nursing Essay Topics

  1. The ethical implications of nurse participation in assisted suicide.
  2. The role of nurses in providing abortion-related care and the conflicts of conscience that may arise.
  3. The controversy surrounding nurse participation in lethal injection executions.
  4. The ethical considerations of nurse participation in clinical trials and experimental treatments.
  5. The debate over mandatory flu vaccination for healthcare workers, including nurses.
  6. The controversy surrounding nurse autonomy and independent practice.
  7. The ethical dilemmas of conscientious objection in nursing, particularly regarding certain procedures or treatments.
  8. The controversy surrounding nurse involvement in organ transplantation, including organ procurement and allocation.
  9. The ethical implications of nurse participation in capital punishment procedures, such as monitoring and administering lethal drugs.
  10. The debate over the use of physical restraints and chemical restraints in nursing home settings and the potential for abuse or neglect.

Exemplary Nursing Essay Questions for Nursing Students

10 Examples of essay questions:

  • What is nursing?
  • What is health care?
  • State the importance of maternal care
  • Can dementia be prevented at an early stage?
  • Is cancer a global crisis?
  • What are the dangers of home nursing?
  • Define euthanasia
  • Is cancer an overrated disease?
  • What are the effects of chemotherapy?
  • What is a statistical analysis

Nursing Essay Ideas for Your Assignments

Here are a few samples of essay ideas:

  • Maternal health care
  • Infant immortality
  • Childbirth
  • Brain injuries rehabilitation
  • Bioscience

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