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The use of medical marijuana remains a controversial issue in the United Sates despite having been accepted in 29 states.  Almost all medical substances are obtained from plants just like marijuana. There has been the little application of marijuana in medicine in the United States because it is classified in Schedule 1 under 21 U.S.C. 812(b) (1). The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the use of substances that have potential to harm consumers and will accept the use of new products only if they are convinced that the benefits of that product offset the risks it poses to the consumers. However, the issue of medical marijuana seems unclear because classification of marijuana under Schedule 1 was not based on scientific evidence.  Also, there are many beneficiaries of medical marijuana who have used it for the treatment of various conditions. Therefore, it is necessary for the society to put the interests of those in suffering first and do whatever they can to save them from pain. Finally, doctors should be given the freedom to use whatever means possible to save the lives of the patients as long as there is an agreement between the two. Legalization of marijuana will promote regulated use of marijuana for the benefit of the society without increasing the risk of the users. Through the use of the due process, it is possible to make use of the active components of marijuana for the benefit of the society. The essay supports the use of medical marijuana as an appropriate treatment procedure as long as it promotes the welfare of the society.


The use of marijuana has been prohibited for a long time, and even today most of the States consider marijuana as an illegal substance. Only 29 states of the United States have allowed the use of medical marijuana while other states are still pondering on the issue and are unsure whether or not marijuana has any medicine value. Undoubtedly there is no product which is risk free (Drug Policy Alliance, 2017). This document supports the use of Medical Marijuana. Although all medical substances pose a potential risk to the users, proper management such as regulating the use of drugs to ensure the users take it in the right quantities and restricting unauthorized access to those substances can increase benefit and minimize risk for the users.

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The evidence from the beneficiaries of medical marijuana affirms they have benefited immensely from the use of marijuana. According to the classification of marijuana as Schedule 1 substances that extremely dangerous substances with high potential of being abused is erroneous (, 2017). However, there was no scientific evidence to prove that the marijuana is dangerous or lacks medicinal value. Recent researchers have claimed that medical marijuana is very effective for treatment of certain conditions that no other drugs could cure. I support the idea that scientific evidence is necessary to avoid making subjective decisions on matters that could have adverse effects on the public.

There is an opposing view to the above premise concerning the real benefits of the use of marijuana. Some have argued that there is no tangible evidence that medical marijuana has any medical value or benefit to the users (Drug Policy Alliance, 2017). Nevertheless, there is no better evidence that confession from the patients who have already the drug and have been healed.  It is, therefore, time for FDA and other law enforcing to make their decisions based on scientific facts to assist those who are in need of medical help.

The second premise regarding the use of medicine is essential for helping people in their moment of suffering and despair. Proving treatment is one of the ways of showing compassion to the loved ones and helping them alleviate sufferings. Almost all medicines are obtained from plants including marijuana (, 2017). There has been sufficient evidence that marijuana is not as toxic as people have been forced to believe and instead it has been very useful in times of sufferings for those who have used the drug. Therefore, provided the medicine is capable of helping people who are in suffering to relieve the pain it is worth giving it a trial.

The opposing view to this premise is that although all nearly all medicine are obtained from plants, there is no drug that is smoked or chewed in its raw form. They are refined to obtain less harmful active ingredients capable of treating various target conditions (National Institute of Drug Abuse, 2017). They believe that smoked marijuana could cause severe damages to the undeveloped brains of the persons below the age of 25 years. However, if marijuana is legalized for medical use, it will provide a logical procedure to be used and ensure medical marijuana is used appropriately in the right quantity to maximize benefits to the consumers and minimize potential risks. Furthermore, all medicinal substances are dangerous and become effective for treatment because they are used safely. Therefore legalizing marijuana for medical use is very important because it will help in alleviating sufferings of the people in dire need.

Finally, the issue of the right treatment procedure is a matter of healthcare professionals and their patients. Some doctors have already used marijuana effectively to treat their patients. There are some concerns that have been raised concerning the criteria used by FDA to legalize substances that can be used as drugs. The concerns relate to a failure by FDA to respond to the report of 1999 by Institute of Medicine (IOM) that established there are various active components in marijuana that have the potential for treating various problems including nausea, anorexia of AIDS Wasting and relieving pain among others (, 2017). Therefore, I believe if there are any medical problems with marijuana then FDA would not hesitate to respond to the requests of IOM. It seems the hesitance to respond to such an important request is because they do not have anything to support their claims against the use of medical marijuana.

The contrary view to this premise is that FDA and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) require all substances used as a medicine to go through a rigorous process before approved for use. The placement of marijuana under Schedule 1 was followed the due process, and there has been no evidence to the contrary (The Hospitalist, 2007).  However, the confession of those who directly benefitted from medical marijuana calls for the FDA and EDA to re-examine their decision and make a decision based on recent scientific evidence to maximize the benefits of marijuana to the society.

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Projection bias by assuming that others are thinking in the same line with us and this raise the expectations that FDA should accept the use of medical marijuana just like most people have done (The Hospitalist, 2007). Also, there is a likely bias of current moment whereby I may have overlooked the future consequences of using marijuana because the immediate benefit obtained such as relieving pain.

My enculturation may have had some influence on my arguments. Though my religion does not advocate the use of marijuana for whatever reason, the society is more open to using of marijuana the desire to see a society free of sufferings may have influenced my biases towards the use of medical marijuana.

My perception about the use of marijuana for medical reasons has not changed after playing “believing game” because I believe there is a need for all stakeholders to use whatever means possible including the use of medical marijuana to alleviate sufferings of the people and minimize risk.

In conclusion, the use of medical marijuana should be considered as an appropriate treatment method just like any other method only if there is sufficient evidence that it is will maximize the welfare of the people without causing unnecessary risk.

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