100+ Philosophy Dissertation Topics

Updated: June 14, 2023

Most frequently, students are googling tips, tricks, techniques, and omnivorous tools to find the best dissertation topic about philosophy. We understand how easy it is to get lost among various fields, their branches, and associated philosophers.

How to Select the Best Philosophy Dissertation Topic?

To find themselves and your perfect topic, everyone chooses distinct ways: students either look for help or retire to get insights and valuable thoughts. It is up to you which path to tread but listening to relevant recommendations is prescribed.

When reflecting on a suitable philosophy dissertation topic, refer to the next simple pieces of advice:

  • Who picked your interest? What/who interests you?
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel – avoid obscure and super niche topics with deficient literature.
  • Ask for past papers to inspire by unusual approaches and angles.
  • Address university staff to formulate thoughts better and, thus, narrow them down.
  • Don’t battle against the evidence – go where it takes you.
  • Do not choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions.
  • Try to pose questions like ‘how did it cause this’ or ‘how did it/they influence this.’
  • Be open to changing your philosophy topic naturally or with the supervisor’s help.

We do not recommend doing an entirely original piece of research. It is not research for a Master’s or Ph.D. but work to enjoy, acknowledge, and reveal your interests credibly. Your dissertation may have a concluding argument that has been drawn before, which is okay. You may be looking for material and dissertation topic that has been reviewed before.

You should have a unique take on this information. It means that you should contribute something new and not discovered. Even though the exact point of view has already been argued somehow, you can approach it and cite it in your own way. For example, you are allowed to come to the same conclusion but make sure it contains a slightly different twist.

List of Philosophy Dissertation Topics: 10 Ideas to Get Started

If you want to create your own dissertation topic but need a direction, check out the next diverse talking points:

  1. Is an absolute truth possible?
  2. What does it mean to be conscious?
  3. How to become self-aware?
  4. Migration as a sociocultural phenomenon: reasons, implications, consequences.
  5. Consumer society; brand, person, values.
  6. Philosophical aspects of managing complex systems problems.
  7. Ethics of Science: Basic Problems.
  8. The laws of nature and moral freedom.
  9. The problem of infinity in science and philosophy.
  10. The concept of time in science and philosophy.

20 Interesting Philosophy Dissertation Topics

Here are relatively simple but captivating topics to reflect on and discuss in your dissertation:

  1. Should people live for the present or the future?
  2. Do we have a choice and free will?
  3. Is happiness the most important goal in life?
  4. The problem of artificial intelligence and its philosophical, technical, and moral meaning.
  5. The impact of advertising on the transformation of public consciousness.
  6. The philosophical and scientific picture of the world.
  7. The problem of social responsibility of a scientist.
  8. Induction as a method of scientific research.
  9. Philosophical foundations of cosmology.
  10. The emergence and evolution of the concept of nature.
  11. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Exploring the Moral Implications and Responsibilities of AI Systems
  12. The Philosophy of Technology: Analyzing the Impact of Technological Advancements on Human Existence
  13. The Ethics of Climate Change: Examining Moral Obligations and Responsibilities in the Face of Environmental Crisis
  14. The Philosophy of Mind in the Age of Virtual Reality: Exploring the Nature of Consciousness and Identity in Virtual Environments
  15. The Philosophy of Beauty: Investigating Aesthetics, Perception, and the Nature of Artistic Experience
  16. The Ethics of Genetic Engineering: Evaluating the Moral Considerations and Implications of Genetic Manipulation
  17. The Philosophy of Time Travel: Analyzing the Conceptual, Logical, and Temporal Paradoxes in Time Travel Scenarios
  18. The Metaphysics of Personal Identity: Examining Theories of Selfhood, Identity Persistence, and Narrative Construction
  19. The Philosophy of Emotions: Exploring the Nature, Functions, and Epistemological Status of Human Emotions
  20. The Ethics of Biomedical Enhancement: Assessing the Moral Dilemmas and Implications of Human Enhancement Technologies.

20 Philosophy of Religion Dissertation Topics

We have created a section with a focus on religion because it is highly interconnected with issues philosophy raises:

  1. Biography of Karl Barth, an analysis of dialectical theology.
  2. The interaction of philosophy and theology: background, peculiarities, contributors.
  3. Christian thinkers on the nature and meaning of science.
  4. Religious faith and scientific knowledge.
  5. Religious and scientific understanding of immortality.
  6. The influence of stoicism on the formation of Christianity.
  7. Philosophy, religion, science: their unity and difference.
  8. Freethinking is a phenomenon of spiritual culture.
  9. The main paradigms and methods of modern philosophical research of religion.
  10. The problem of rational substantiation of religious beliefs.
  11. The Problem of Evil: Exploring Theodicies and Responses to the Existence of Evil in a Theistic Framework
  12. The Epistemology of Religious Belief: Examining the Rationality and Justification of Faith
  13. The Nature of God: Analyzing Concepts of Divinity in Monotheistic and Polytheistic Traditions
  14. Religious Pluralism and Religious Exclusivism: Assessing Different Approaches to Religious Diversity
  15. The Ontological Argument for the Existence of God: Critiques, Refinements, and Contemporary Defenses
  16. Religious Language and Symbolism: Investigating the Nature and Limits of Religious Discourse
  17. Mystical Experience and its Significance: Exploring the Nature and Epistemology of Religious Mysticism
  18. The Problem of Divine Hiddenness: Examining the Implications for Religious Belief and Atheism
  19. Reconciling Science and Religion: Exploring Approaches to Harmonizing Scientific and Religious Worldviews
  20. Religious Experience and Personal Transformation: Investigating the Role of Religious Practices in Human Flourishing
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20 Political Philosophy Dissertation Topics

Politics wants to defend people, so its representatives need to consider a philosophical side of how society must work:

  1. How much freedom should people have?
  2. Violence as a social phenomenon.
  3. Philosophical problems of biopolitics, its technical applications.
  4. Disciplinary structure and role of social sciences in the process of social transformations.
  5. Problems of power, state, and law.
  6. Utopian mentality and its sociocultural foundations.
  7. Philosophical understanding of ethnonational cultures in the context of global interactions.
  8. Philosophical analysis of mass culture as a phenomenon of modern society.
  9. Philosophy of Hegel’s law as a special philosophical science: it’s subject and method.
  10. Philosophical foundations of modern culture analysis and communication processes.
  11. The Concept of Justice: A Comparative Analysis of Liberal, Communitarian, and Marxist Perspectives
  12. Power and Authority: Exploring the Legitimacy and Limits of Political Governance
  13. The Ethics of Political Dissent: Examining Civil Disobedience and Resistance
  14. The Concept of Democracy: Assessing its Challenges and Possibilities in the 21st Century
  15. Equality and Redistribution: Investigating the Role of the State in Addressing Socioeconomic Disparities
  16. The Ethics of Global Governance: Examining the Moral Responsibilities of States in a Globalized World
  17. The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age: Balancing Security and Civil Liberties
  18. The Politics of Identity: Exploring the Role of Identity Politics in Contemporary Democratic Societies
  19. Human Rights and Cultural Relativism: Evaluating the Universalist vs. Relativist Perspectives
  20. The Ethics of War and Intervention: Assessing the Justifications and Limitations of Military Actions

20 Science and Religion Topics for Dissertation Philosophy

  1. The Compatibility of Science and Religion: An Analysis of Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
  2. The Epistemological Foundations of Science and Religion: A Comparative Study
  3. Scientific and Religious Approaches to Understanding the Origins of the Universe
  4. The Role of Ethics in Science and Religion: A Comparative Examination
  5. Exploring the Concept of Consciousness in Science and Religion
  6. The Intersection of Evolutionary Theory and Religious Beliefs: A Critical Analysis
  7. The Ethics of Biotechnology: Perspectives from Science and Religion
  8. Quantum Physics and Spirituality: Bridging the Gap between Science and Religion
  9. The Notion of Purpose in Science and Religion: A Philosophical Investigation
  10. Exploring Transhumanism and the Implications for Religious Worldviews
  11. The Problem of Evil in Science and Religion: Exploring Explanations and Responses
  12. Science, Religion, and Environmental Ethics: A Comparative Study of their Perspectives on Nature
  13. Exploring the Concept of Miracles: Perspectives from Science and Religion
  14. The Role of Science and Religion in Shaping Moral Values and Ethical Decision-making
  15. Science, Religion, and the Question of Free Will: Examining Determinism and Divine Providence
  16. Exploring the Notion of Soul in Science and Religion: A Philosophical Analysis
  17. Science, Religion, and the Mind-Body Problem: Investigating Dualism, Materialism, and Holism
  18. The Concept of Truth in Science and Religion: Convergences and Divergences
  19. Scientific and Religious Perspectives on Human Identity and Personhood
  20. Exploring the Role of Faith in Scientific Inquiry: Evaluating the Boundaries and Limitations

20 Philosophy Dissertation Ideas for the Most Demanding

Some philosophy professors do not approve simple dissertation topics so that you can find more sophisticated ones below:

  1. Interpersonal communication concepts in the modern reality of self-awareness trends.
  2. Anthropology of modern culture from the Rene Girard philosophy point of view.
  3. Semantic duality in modern media texts.
  4. An existential turn in thinking about time: the history of the problem.
  5. Language as a symbolic phenomenon in aesthetics.
  6. Ethological dimension of human life: philosophical and methodological analysis.
  7. Historical destinies of Russia: problems of choosing modern civilizational landmarks of development.
  8. Specificity of technical sciences and their relation to mathematical, natural, and humanitarian sciences.
  9. Synergetic as a Phenomenon of Post-Non-Classical Science.
  10. Experimental method: origin, essence, the scope of application.
  11. The Concept of Existence: An Inquiry into the Nature and Scope of Being
  12. The Problem of Induction: Evaluating the Rationality and Justification of Scientific Inference
  13. Nietzsche’s Perspectivism and its Implications for Moral and Epistemic Relativism
  14. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Examining the Moral Responsibility and Accountability of AI Systems
  15. The Ontological Status of Numbers: Investigating Platonism, Nominalism, and Mathematical Realism
  16. The Phenomenology of Time: Exploring Temporality, Consciousness, and the Experience of Duration
  17. The Nature of Consciousness: Examining Materialist, Dualist, and Panpsychist Theories
  18. The Philosophy of Information: Analyzing the Ontological and Epistemological Dimensions of Information
  19. The Problem of Personal Identity: Evaluating Psychological Continuity, Physicality, and Narrative Theories
  20. The Philosophy of Mind in the Age of Cognitive Enhancement: Ethical and Metaphysical Implications

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