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Updated: March 23, 2023

140 Proposal Essay Topics for Witty & Simple Writing

Academic writing comprises different assignments that cover various course units. Proposal essays are among the academic papers that your professor might give you to compose. Such essays involve proposing solutions to fix particular research problems.

The main objective of a proposal essay is to analyze a problem and demonstrate concrete arguments that persuade the readers of the proposed solution. Thus, proposal papers are persuasive compositions that require different perspectives to provide informative content.

Though you might think that writing proposal essays may be challenging, you can craft a well-researched paper with an appropriate topic. Picking a topic is a vital phase that needs adequate brainstorming to build solid arguments and compelling proposals.

This article discusses the process of picking interesting proposal essay topics while providing 80+ topic ideas to jumpstart your writing.

How to Select the Best Proposal Essay Topics?

Most students have no idea how to pick a proposal essay topic, thinking it is quite an uphill task. But if you read the essay prompt carefully, you will come up with significant ideas that will eventually form suitable topics.

Topic selection for proposal essays entails comprehensive research, proper planning, and keenness. Ensure you narrow down the significant ideas and pick several that cover the main subject interest. It is imperative to pick a theme within your passion and interest when it comes to proposal essays.

While it is advisable to select a topic within your interest, do not settle on simple, mediocre issues that will not evoke the audience’s interest. You need to choose an influential subject with an impact on society or the intended audience. Not forgetting that the topic should have supporting facts from various research resources, either online or academic library books.

We have compiled a list of captivating proposal essay topic ideas to guide you in topic selection:

10 Potential Proposal Essay Topics for 2023

  1. Developing sustainable agriculture practices to address food security concerns.
  2. Implementing a universal basic income to address income inequality and automation.
  3. Reforming the criminal justice system to reduce mass incarceration and promote rehabilitation.
  4. Investing in renewable energy sources to mitigate the effects of climate change.
  5. Implementing mandatory mental health days for employees to promote work-life balance and reduce burnout.
  6. Developing comprehensive sex education programs in schools to promote healthy relationships and reduce the rates of sexually transmitted infections.
  7. Increasing funding for research on emerging diseases to improve global preparedness for future pandemics.
  8. Implementing a tax on single-use plastics to reduce waste and promote sustainability.
  9. Addressing the digital divide in rural and low-income communities through increased access to broadband internet.
  10. Implementing stricter gun control measures to reduce gun violence in the United States.

List of Proposal Essay Topics: Our TOP-20

Below are interesting proposal essay topic ideas to jumpstart your writing:

  1. Why foreign languages are essential in modern education.
  2. What are the ways to enhance reading culture at an early age?
  3. How to improve grading systems in the education sector?
  4. How to self-manage your time effectively.
  5. Measures to increase research funding in universities
  6. Ways to promote morality in a decadent society.
  7. How to reduce obesity in children.
  8. Ways of preventing alcohol addiction among teenagers.
  9. How to instill responsibility in children
  10. Social media and online privacy.
  11. How Instagram creates online business opportunities.
  12. Ways to curb cyberbullying among the youth.
  13. Why social media requires ethical governance in today’s society.
  14. Why parents should be involved in their children’s education.
  15. Discuss stringent measures the government can impose to control climate change.
  16. Why plastic bags and bottles are becoming a menace to the society
  17. Health significance of embracing bicycle transport.
  18. Should sex education becoming a mandatory subject in schools?
  19. Ways to curb early teenage pregnancies.
  20. Ways technology has improved research methods in universities.

15 Interesting Proposal Essay Topics

Here are interesting proposal topic ideas for your essay:

  1. Ways to address media morality across the globe.
  2. Should corporal punishment be banned in schools?
  3. Scientific methods to reduce global warming.
  4. Causes and effects of desertification.
  5. How to implement renewable energy.
  6. Can the government cushion small businesses from economic pressure?
  7. Why college athletes need to be given a monthly stipend.
  8. Ways to reduce pollution in urban centers.
  9. Risks associated with high unemployment rates.
  10. Is it the responsibility of a consumer to report lying producers?
  11. How dishonesty disrupts good business relationships.
  12. Should interns be paid like regular employees?
  13.  Discuss ways to enhance employee motivation.
  14. Should volunteering jobs be considered as work in a CV?
  15. How slavery abolition affected the developed countries

15 Proposal Essay Topics for College Students

Below are proposal topic ideas:

  1. Does technology kill creativity in students?
  2. How to become a responsible college student.
  3. Ways to detect fake news on social media sites.
  4. Why it is essential to have regular sleep patterns as a student.
  5. Should marijuana included be legalized in all countries?
  6. How to curb alcohol addiction among college students.
  7. Discuss the measures to combat the economic crisis.
  8. How branding impacts customer decisions.
  9. Discuss the risks of online dating.
  10. Are social media platforms a significant cause of depression among the youth?
  11. Discuss the benefits of human cloning in developed countries.
  12. Impact of online learning in colleges.
  13. How substance abuse affects academic performance.
  14. Ways to take care of your mental health as a student.
  15. Reasons for eating disorders in teenagers.

15 Proposal Argument Essay Topics

Here are interesting argumentative topic ideas for a proposal:

  1. Pros and cons of GMOs: Are GMOs helpful or harmful to humans.
  2. Should the government implement mandatory vaccinations for public schools?
  3. Advantages of introducing many foreign courses in colleges.
  4. Why students need psychological support from both parents and teachers.
  5. Ways to encourage students to engage in extra-curricular activities.
  6. Should classes be split according to gender?
  7. Does the Internet play a role in increasing teenage suicides?
  8. Should automation replace the human workforce?
  9. Discuss the positive and negative impact of the Internet in today’s society?
  10. Is it ethical for the government to tax churches?
  11. Why religion should be compulsory in the school curriculum.
  12. Discuss the pros and cons of animal testing. Should it be banned?
  13. Corporate employers should ban unpaid internships.
  14. Discuss the controversies surrounding assisted suicide and why it is considered unethical.
  15. Discuss the significance of art education.

15 Modest Proposal Essay Topics

Here are captivating proposal topic ideas for your perusal:

  1. How to enhance corporate social responsibility in companies.
  2. Feasible ways to protect the environment.
  3. Should education be accessible to all students?
  4. Discuss the benefits of wireless technology.
  5. How to quickly resolve online identity theft.
  6. Ways to boost self-esteem in college students.
  7. Ways to cushion homeless people in the community.
  8. The impact of feminism on gender equality.
  9. Discuss the benefits of a bureaucratic government.
  10. Why cybercrime is on the rise today.
  11. The significance of having strict family traditions.
  12. Importance of sacrifice and compromise in relationships.
  13. Shared responsibility in parenting.
  14. Ways to practice emotional intelligence.
  15. How to prevent toxic child-parent relationships.

10 Good Proposal Essay Topics

Check out the best topics for your proposal essay:

  1. Why is the client always right? Is this statement good for business?
  2. Why do most employees resist change at the workplace?
  3. How corporate companies develop ethical policies.
  4. How to protect your creativity in a technological world.
  5. Does technology improve students’ performance in the classroom?
  6. How virtualization impacts special needs education.
  7. The attitude of a coach can influence an athlete’s performance.
  8. Psychological trends that can increase academic performance.
  9. Ways to help a depressed friend to get better.
  10. How to popularize reading among the youth?

English Proposal Essay Topics

  1. The influence of musical taste on human life.
  2. Is it worth introducing psychology lessons into the school curriculum?
  3. Was there political influence or reasons for the fires in Turkey in 2021?
  4. How much time per day is children allowed for social media?
  5. How often are stereotyped gender responsibilities erased?
  6. How can the education system in the UK be improved?
  7. What challenges do multilingualists face?
  8. Why has mankind not yet explored the ocean?
  9. How can digitalization threaten humanity?
  10. How close is the comparison of human intelligence levels with artificial intelligence?

20 Easy Proposal Essay Topics

  1. Implementing a recycling program in your community.
  2. Offering more healthy food options in school cafeterias.
  3. Increasing funding for public libraries.
  4. Promoting mental health awareness in the workplace.
  5. Providing free public transportation in your city.
  6. Establishing a mentorship program for at-risk youth.
  7. Investing in renewable energy sources.
  8. Creating more affordable housing options for low-income families.
  9. Encouraging volunteerism in your community.
  10. Reducing plastic waste by banning single-use plastics.
  11. Offering financial literacy education in high schools.
  12. Supporting small businesses through tax incentives.
  13. Increasing the minimum wage to a living wage.
  14. Promoting physical fitness through community sports programs.
  15. Addressing the issue of homelessness in your community.
  16. Providing free or low-cost healthcare to all citizens.
  17. Implementing stricter gun control laws.
  18. Offering free college education to students from low-income families.
  19. Improving public safety by increasing police training and accountability.
  20. Providing access to affordable childcare for working parents..

10 Proposal Essay Ideas You’d Love

Looking for exciting proposal topic ideas for your paper? Here are some topics:

  1. Discuss the benefits of implementing zero-waste living.
  2. Strategies to persuade children to eat healthy meals.
  3. Why do corporate companies use social media influencers for marketing?
  4. The impact of rap music on teenagers in modern society.
  5. How the film industry exposes the ills in society.
  6. How to detox from information overload daily?
  7. Ways to prevent social media addiction.
  8. Online data protection: safety measures to implement in the business.
  9. Causes of cyberbullying in schools and how to fight it.
  10. Should the grading system be the only measure of a student’s intelligence?

Before You Go

Crafting meticulous proposal essays begin with picking suitable topics that relate to your interest.

It is easier to write about a familiar subject since you will not spend long hours researching and writing. One fundamental aspect of proposal writing is to carry out a thorough examination of the subject matter from different angles. Moreover, you should propose a practical solution that will leave your readers with a lasting impression of your analysis.

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