Brilliant Ideas for Research Paper Topics to Boost Your Creativity

Updated: June 22, 2023

Good research paper topics are the basis for writing captivating and creative papers. However, getting those topics still challenges many students. Fortunately, you don’t need to stress yourself when you can draw inspiration from our carefully selected samples. Keep reading to supercharge your creativity for better grades.

Why should you shortchange your research papers when you can accelerate your creativity instantly? Here are good research paper topics to give you an advantageous head start.

The Best Research Paper Topics: Our TOP-15 for Any Matter

  • What is fueling the current unemployment levels in your country?
  • How does increased minimum wage affect economies?
  • Why did the United Kingdom exit the EU?
  • When should children start owning smartphones?
  • Has excessive texting killed language intelligence?
  • The benefits of removing grading from the education system
  • Why poor students beat their rich classmates
  • How does your national education system compare to others worldwide?
  • How does physical education improve learners’ academic power?
  • What is the best way to curb teenage depression?
  • Are GMOs a hidden time bomb?
  • The most effective ways of boosting one’s memory
  • Are world governments doing enough to improve universal healthcare quality?
  • Smartphones aren’t making students smarter, are they?
  • How can schools integrate technology into classes?

15 Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  • Digital books should replace hardcopy books
  • The government should not censor the Internet
  • How digital currency is slowly replacing paper money
  • Will free college education lower its quality?
  • How will outlawing homework affect students?
  • How parents should help their drug-addicted children
  • Does the use of ebooks save forests?
  • All erotic art paintings should be censured
  • Men are more emotional than people think
  • Is technology fast eroding human morality?
  • Computers have produced lazier humans
  • Tobacco production and sale should be banned
  • Is modern technology producing zombies?
  • The death sentence should be reintroduced
  • The government should ban smoking in all public places

15 Easy Research Paper Topics

  • Older people are not always wise and right, while the youth are not always wrong and foolish
  • Is modern technology widening generational gaps?
  • Why all convicted murderers should be executed
  • What causes plane crashes?
  • Ways to prevent homeless children
  • How immigrants boost a nation’s economy
  • Virtual reality and video games are creating a violent and socially dead generation
  • Nations with the most effective judicial systems
  • Countries with the most deficient court systems
  • How does men’s and women’s approach to power differ?
  • How women’s roles in society have changed in the 21st century
  • Humanities don’t produce critical thinkers
  • How are all world religions similar?
  • Why is the younger generation less religious?
  • How religious terrorism disrupts world peace

15 History Research Paper Topics

  • Was the great recession a conspiracy or an industrial accident?
  • What fuels social inequality?
  • The real cause of the Syrian conflict
  • How cultural changes are affecting the modern world
  • The real reason for Abraham Lincoln’s death
  • The effects of the industrial revolution on human integration
  • How Martin Luther helped to fight racial discrimination
  • How did Nelson Mandela affect modern world history?
  • How the American Revolution shaped world history
  • What caused the Vietnam War, and how did it affect the world?
  • Was the Cold War a mere smokescreen?
  • The role of African soldiers in the Second World War
  • How WWII influenced the end of colonialism
  • How propaganda has shaped wars throughout successive generations
  • The real agenda behind the so-called sex revolution

15 College Research Paper Topics

  • Is college education promoting unemployment?
  • The role of Churches in promoting higher education
  • All higher learning institutions need specialized facilities for physically challenged students
  • Does modern technology destroy marriages?
  • Why men are more caring than women
  • How terrorism affects businesses
  • Is higher learning becoming over-commercialized?
  • How hacking affects online learning
  • Is ICT fueling terrorism?
  • Does artificial intelligence make people more intelligent or not?
  • Which technologies will rule the 2020 decade?
  • The impact of technology on food production
  • Is taxation strangulating emerging businesses?
  • How poor time management skills kill student productivity
  • Why multitasking kills productivity at the workplace
  • How sexual harassment affects workers

15 Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  • Should governments ban the use of animals in research projects?
  • Why parents should monitor their children’s online activities
  • Why gender-based violence is spiraling out of control
  • Are parents failing to tame their children’s use of modern technologies?
  • Does studying business courses at college boost one’s employment chances?
  • How ICT is improving college education
  • Is remote learning better than traditional learning?
  • Should environmental studies become compulsory to tame environmental degradation?
  • Are mobile phones as safe as people assume?
  • Why the feminist movement has done more harm than good
  • Does using public transport reduce air pollution?
  • Security cameras are privacy intrusions
  • Do CCTVs reduce crime in cities?
  • Does vaccination boost immunity?
  • Should delinquent teenagers be jailed?
  • Should all high-risk sporting activities be outlawed?

15 High School Research Paper Topics

  • Should smartphone usage in schools be banned?
  • The benefits of leadership training in high schools
  • Secondary schools are doing little to develop scholar’s debating ability
  • How can secondary school students improve their communication skills?
  • How to dress for success
  • The advantages of time management skills for employees
  • Do hobbies kill students’ academic prowess?
  • How to demonstrate leadership during crisis
  • How school administration can curb drug addiction among students
  • How menstruation affects school girls’ studies
  • Should school girls receive special off days during their menstruation?
  • Why eating disorder is increasing among teenagers
  • How divorce affects children
  • How to prevent air pollution in schools
  • Dealing with juvenile crime
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15 Sociological Research Paper Topics

  • Why low self-esteem is a big problem among modern teenagers
  • How homeschooling affects children’s social interactions
  • Do children have prejudices?
  • How sports influence mental power
  • Why most people mistake social media contacts for true friends
  • Are social media relationships fake?
  • Is social media as important as people treat it?
  • The role of women in the modern workplace
  • Why are more teenagers committing suicide?
  • How schools and parents can stop teenage pregnancies
  • Sex education must not be taught in learning institutions
  • How the “idol” culture is destroying teenagers
  • Do interracial marriages work?
  • How racial prejudice destroys peace
  • Is patriotism a political tool for manipulation?
  • Do social media networks make people lonelier?

15 Research Paper Topics in Psychology

  • The impact of social media on mental health and well-being.
  • The influence of childhood experiences on adult personality development.
  • The effectiveness of various therapeutic approaches in treating anxiety disorders.
  • The relationship between sleep quality and cognitive functioning.
  • The role of genetics and environment in shaping intelligence.
  • The effects of mindfulness meditation on stress reduction and emotional well-being.
  • The psychology of motivation: Understanding the factors that drive human behavior.
  • The impact of early childhood trauma on later mental health outcomes.
  • The psychology of decision-making and its implications for consumer behavior.
  • The role of attachment styles in romantic relationships and their long-term outcomes.
  • The effects of bullying on psychological well-being and academic performance.
  • The psychology of addiction: Understanding the underlying mechanisms and effective treatment approaches.
  • The influence of personality traits on job satisfaction and performance in the workplace.
  • The role of social support in coping with stress and adversity.
  • The psychological factors contributing to the development and maintenance of eating disorders.

Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  • The effectiveness of rehabilitation programs in reducing recidivism rates.
  • The impact of police body-worn cameras on officer behavior and public trust.
  • Exploring the causes and consequences of wrongful convictions in the criminal justice system.
  • The relationship between mental health and criminal behavior.
  • Examining the factors contributing to racial disparities in the criminal justice system.
  • The ethics and implications of capital punishment in modern society.
  • Investigating the use of predictive policing algorithms and their potential biases.
  • The effectiveness of community-based corrections programs in reducing reoffending.
  • Understanding the challenges and strategies for combating cybercrime.
  • The influence of media portrayals on public perceptions of crime and criminal justice.
  • Examining the impact of mandatory minimum sentencing policies on incarceration rates.
  • The role of restorative justice in promoting offender accountability and victim satisfaction.
  • Investigating the relationship between drug policy and rates of drug-related crimes.
  • Understanding the causes and consequences of police use of force and the potential for reform.
  • Examining the impact of gun control policies on rates of violent crime.

15 Economics Research Paper Topics

  • The impact of trade liberalization on economic growth and income inequality.
  • The effectiveness of fiscal policy measures in stimulating economic recovery.
  • The relationship between inflation and unemployment: exploring the Phillips curve.
  • The role of government regulations in shaping market outcomes and competition.
  • Investigating the causes and consequences of financial crises.
  • The economic implications of climate change and the transition to a sustainable economy.
  • Analyzing the determinants of foreign direct investment and its effects on host countries.
  • The economics of healthcare: examining the factors influencing healthcare costs and accessibility.
  • Exploring the relationship between education and economic development.
  • The impact of technological advancements and automation on labor markets and income distribution.
  • Understanding the role of central banks in monetary policy and interest rate decisions.
  • Investigating the factors influencing consumer behavior and spending patterns.
  • The economics of inequality: examining the drivers and consequences of income and wealth disparities.
  • Analyzing the impact of government spending and taxation on economic growth and stability.
  • The role of behavioral economics in understanding individual decision-making and market outcomes.

15 Biology Research Paper Topics

  • The role of genetic mutations in the development of cancer and potential treatment strategies.
  • Exploring the mechanisms and consequences of antibiotic resistance in bacterial populations.
  • Investigating the impact of climate change on biodiversity and species distribution.
  • Understanding the genetics and neurobiology of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease.
  • Examining the ecological and evolutionary implications of invasive species on native ecosystems.
  • Investigating the genetic basis of human intelligence and cognitive abilities.
  • Exploring the potential of gene therapy in treating genetic diseases.
  • The role of stem cells in tissue regeneration and potential applications in medicine.
  • Investigating the mechanisms of aging and exploring strategies for promoting healthy aging.
  • Understanding the ecological interactions and conservation implications of pollinator decline.
  • Examining the genetic basis of behavior and the influence of genes on personality traits.
  • Investigating the effects of environmental pollutants on wildlife and ecosystem health.
  • Exploring the microbiome and its impact on human health and disease.
  • Understanding the mechanisms of drug resistance in infectious diseases and developing novel treatment approaches.
  • Investigating the mechanisms of plant adaptation to environmental stressors, such as drought or high salinity.

Controversial Research Paper Topics

  • The ethics of genetic engineering and human enhancement.
  • The impact of violent video games on aggression and behavior.
  • The legalization and regulation of recreational drugs.
  • The role of social media in fostering political polarization and echo chambers.
  • The ethical implications of animal testing in scientific research.
  • The effectiveness and ethical considerations of capital punishment.
  • The controversy surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food production.
  • The impact of climate change denial on environmental policies and action.
  • The debate over the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports.
  • The ethical implications of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems.
  • The controversy surrounding vaccination and its impact on public health.
  • The debate over the right to privacy versus national security in the age of surveillance.
  • The controversy surrounding abortion and reproductive rights.
  • The ethical considerations of conducting research on human subjects.
  • The debate over affirmative action policies in education and employment.

More Interesting Research Paper Topics

  • The impact of virtual reality on empathy and perspective-taking.
  • Exploring the potential of gene editing technologies in treating genetic diseases.
  • The effects of music on cognitive performance and emotional well-being.
  • The role of artificial intelligence in transforming healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.
  • Investigating the connection between gut microbiota and mental health.
  • Examining the ethical implications of gene patenting and ownership.
  • The impact of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.
  • Understanding the psychology behind conspiracy theories and their influence on society.
  • Exploring the relationship between creativity and mental health.
  • The effects of social media on political participation and civic engagement.
  • Investigating the potential benefits and challenges of implementing universal basic income.
  • The role of mindfulness practices in promoting workplace well-being and productivity.
  • Examining the influence of cultural factors on negotiation and conflict resolution styles.
  • Investigating the impact of automation and robotics on the future of work and employment.
  • Understanding the social and psychological factors contributing to the rise of online misinformation and fake news.

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