30 Rogerian Essay Topics

The Rogerian style of writing is one that requires you to start and discuss an argument without leaning on either side. It is a unique argumentative style of writing that attempts to find a middle ground of debatable subjects. We are always glad to help you write such an essay. We have free advice, sample topics, and ideas you can use in your homework.

Advice on How to Select the Best Rogerian Essay Topic? From Experts

To get an appropriate subject matter to write about, you must consider the following:

  • The issue for discussion must be debatable;
  • You should have access to sufficient resources;
  • Gather facts on both sides of the argument;
  • Be able to establish a common ground on both sides;
  • You must not polarize the subject while discussing it.

If your professor needs a Rogerian essay, do not panic. Below is a list of 30 great topics that you can consider using.

Here Is a List of Rogerian Essay Topics for College Level Students

You can use the arguments below to compose your essay. The highlight can also give you the right direction of thinking.

  1. Legalizing smoking of marijuana
  2. Testing of human drugs on animals
  3. College students and gun ownership
  4. Enactment of same-sex marriages laws
  5. Year-round learning in institutions of higher education
  6. Age of voting for national elections in the US
  7. Banning of smoking in public areas
  8. Sex education and pregnancies among teenagers
  9. Lowering of the legal drinking age in the US
  10. Implementation of 2-child policy in highly populated countries
  11. The harshness of American police on minority groups
  12. Armed security for schools in war-torn countries
  13. Banning of tobacco advertisements
  14. Embracing multicultural education in America.
  15. Teenagers make rational decisions when alone
  16. Abolishment of the death penalty in all countries
  17. Ethics of marketing to children
  18. Swimming is the best sporting activity
  19. Legalization of steroids in sports
  20. Technology limits human creativity
  21. Censorship of the internet
  22. Online friends versus imaginary ones
  23. The Pro-life abortion argument
  24. Significance of intermarriages in diversity
  25. Importance of cloning in medicine
  26. Graffiti and vandalism
  27. Various parenting techniques for kids aged 13 and below
  28. Life without art: Pros and Cons
  29. Today’s music vs. 80’s songs
  30. Use of phones in high schools

Find Great Examples of Rogerian Essay Questions Below

At times, teachers throw some argumentative problems in a bid to stir up heated discussions among the students. However, some of these queries are supposed to ignite a debating mood that looks for an agreement between two opposing sides. Answers to Rogerian questions are not supposed to have a bias. They are supposed to lean onto both sides of the debate. Below is a list of some examples:

  1. In matters of life, should schools teach evolution or religion theory?
  2. Is the president supposed to be above the law?
  3. Do you think education is overly commercialized today?
  4. Should we eat more vegetable or animal food?
  5. Are immigrants a blessing or a curse to a country?
  6. Is the government justified to tax tobacco and alcoholic products highly?
  7. Would lower the age of consent increase promiscuity among teens?
  8. Are the body-worn cameras by police invade privacy laws?
  9. Is President Trump racist?
  10. Are electric vehicles a complete solution to the pollution menace?

Get Free Rogerian Essay Ideas from Experts

We have years of experience writing these types of papers. Below is a list of concepts that can help you understand Rogerian arguments:

  1. Playing of the lottery should be abolished. This has two sides, banning it will reduce government revenue and charity work.
  2. It is healthy to drink coffee daily. While this beverage has health benefits, it associated with side effects such as anxiety and insomnia.
  3. Giving teens condoms prevents early pregnancies. They are good contraceptives but will encourage promiscuity.
  4. Watching TV is informative. We learn a lot from televisions while, at the same time, they can instill criminal mentalities
  5. The length of paternity leave should be increased. One can argue that fathers, unlike mothers, play a little role in the first few days after the birth of a child.

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