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Updated: June 21, 2023

Research Paper Social Issues Topics: Well-Crafted and Unique

Society has to deal with a lot of issues. You need to understand them as you proceed with your college education.

That is why you have to write content on research paper social issues topics. With a qualitative research paper, you increase your chances of improved performance.

You may feel that it is easy to write a paper on social issues. However, you should know that a few issues can prevent you from achieving your academic goal.

For instance, failure to follow instructions will lead to loss of marks. Moreover, you should understand how to choose appropriate topics. Learn below!

How to Pick a Perfect Theme

What are the research paper topics on social issues that suit you?

First, they should be interesting. That way, you can write about them stress-freely. Additionally, choose engaging and interesting topics to discuss if you want to achieve perfect results.

What are the best sources of research paper topics?

You should read pieces from the best writers. Additionally, you can seek ideas from your friends. From what you get, choose what works for you.

Top 20 Research Paper Topics Social Issues for 2023

  • Examining the impact of income inequality on social mobility and economic opportunity.
  • Analyzing the effects of racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal justice system.
  • Investigating the role of social media in shaping political polarization and public discourse.
  • The impact of climate change on vulnerable communities and social justice.
  • Exploring the relationship between immigration policies and social integration.
  • Analyzing the effects of the digital divide on educational equity and access.
  • Investigating the social and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The influence of gender norms and stereotypes on social and professional opportunities.
  • Examining the relationship between mental health and social well-being.
  • Analyzing the effects of social media on body image and self-esteem.
  • Investigating the impact of gun control policies on public safety and violence prevention.
  • Exploring the role of media representation in shaping attitudes towards marginalized communities.
  • Analyzing the effects of social exclusion and discrimination on mental and physical health.
  • The influence of religion and religious diversity on social cohesion and intergroup relations.
  • Examining the relationship between environmental degradation and social inequality.
  • Investigating the effects of poverty and food insecurity on child development.
  • Analyzing the impact of technological advancements on employment and income inequality.
  • Exploring the social implications of artificial intelligence and automation in various industries.
  • Investigating the role of social movements in driving social change and policy reform.
  • The influence of globalization on cultural identity and social dynamics.

Current Social Issues Research Paper Topics for You

Modern society should learn how to deal with the prevailing social issues. Therefore, students should engage in a lot of research to formulate good topics.

Here is a good list of topics on social issues:

  • Modern abortion laws and their influence on societal development
  • Explaining the increase in gay marriages and their impact on the community
  • Ways of dealing with issues of marital rape
  • Obesity among teenagers in the United States and how to deal with it
  • Poverty and its influence on social life
  • Explaining materialism in the 21st-century setting
  • Social media use and its influence on the crime rate
  • Impact of cyberbullying on the youths
  • Changes in the societal beauty standards
  • Ways of dealing with inequality in income distribution in society
  • The most effective methods of dealing with unemployment
  • The relationship between unemployment and crime rates
  • Climate change and its influence on economic development
  • Dealing with racism in modern society
  • Domestic violence and how it affects children’s development
  • The current labor laws and how they affect economic development
  • Prevalence of pornographic addiction and how to deal with it
  • Family life and how it is affected by pornographic addiction
  • Discrimination and its manifestation in sporting activities
  • Illiteracy and how it affects development in the digital age

Contemporary Social Issues Topics for Research Paper

You should always choose the social issues to discuss in a research paper carefully.

Are you stuck and heed help on topics on social issues that can work for you?

Consider these:

  • Political unrest and its effects on the development of a nation
  • How the USA is dealing with the issues the LGBTQ+ community
  • Artificial intelligence and its effects on society
  • Ways of improving Internet safety in the modern technological world
  • The most effective methods of dealing with racism
  • Modern television advertisements and their influence on societal morals
  • Dealing with the increase in the cases of bullying in learning institutions
  • Effective strategies for dealing with hate propagated through social media
  • Instagram and how it affects people’s perception of real life
  • Cases of identity theft and how to deal with them in the technological world
  • Mental health issues and how to handle them at workplaces
  • Drug abuse and the factors that fuel it
  • The contribution of poverty in hindering access to better healthcare
  • Cultural practices that lead to an increase in the cases of excessive alcohol consumption
  • The best water conservation methods to apply in developing countries
  • Tourism and its effects on the African culture
  • Strategies for proper usage of natural resources
  • The factors that drive people to join the military
  • Street violence and the methods to curb them
  • Human trafficking in the modern world and how the internet fuels the practice

When you have a task on social issues research paper topics, do not work on it hurriedly. Start by looking at the paper instructions and understand them.

Then, research the most appropriate content. After you write the paper, refine it before submission.

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