George Lynch

George Lynch

Literature, Psychology, Religion
George is one of the most experienced writers on our team. Give him anything related to Humanities, and George is your man for the job! A top-class expert that has never missed a single deadline. His essays on postmodern literature are always a great read, bringing students positive grades all the time.
Articles written by George Lynch

How to Write a College Application Essay

How to Write a Good College Application EssayWhen entering college, every future student is faced with the question of how to write a college application essay….

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How to Write a Diversity Essay

How to Write a Good Diversity EssayMany students ask how to write a good diversity essay. A good diversity essay should show your perspective and uniqueness…

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How to Write a Good Discussion Section

How to Write a Good Discussion SectionWhile writing a research paper, each student is faced with the question of how to write a discussion section fast….

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Art Essay Topics

160 Best Art Essay TopicsWhile in college, students face many challenges in writing articles on various subjects, including choosing art essay topics. If you are a…

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Senior Thesis Topics

120 Best Senior Thesis TopicsAren’t you good enough at writing but always face writing challenges, and senior thesis is one of them? There are no problems…

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Process Essay Topics

140 Best Process Essay TopicsA process essay is a typical assignment on all levels of education. Even while a primary school pupils children are sometimes assigned…

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Impromptu Speech Topics

90 Best Impromptu Speech TopicsThe most important aspect of any impromptu speech is its subject matter. It is often difficult to choose the exact topic since the…

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Human Resources Thesis Topics

80 Best Human Resources Thesis TopicsThere are more than half a million workers employed in human resources in the USA and millions in the world. The importance…

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How to Write a Process Essay

How to Write a Good Process EssayTaking on writing a process essay, you must aim at handling it at the highest level. To cope with this…

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How to Write a DBQ Essay

How to Write a Good DBQ EssayWhen entering a university, business school, or other educational institution, it is more and more often required to write the…

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