100+ Argumentative Essay Topics

Updated: January 8, 2024

Argumentative essays are assigned to students to help them enhance their writing and critical analysis skills about different issues related to their field of study. You are expected to choose a topic and write concrete facts about it. Additionally, you will be required to support your opinion with elaborately researched information that hooks your reader to the discussion. Selecting your topic could be problematic, but there are plenty of ideas to explore. If you desire to hand in interesting and well-formatted academic essays, dissertations, term papers, research papers, and other assignments, you can enjoy the benefits of proficient writing services that offer first-rate argumentative essay topics at low prices.

Do You Want Tips on How to Select the Best Argumentative Essay Topic?

Your course teacher may decide to assign you an essay with a topic or give you the liberty to choose your own. Choosing an argumentative essay topic can be very confusing. However, with a bit of diligence, you can select a relevant and fascinating topic to write about. You cannot write a paper about trigonometric functions essay for your history class. When picking a topic, ensure that it’s something you’re knowledgeable about. You should show your teacher that you are willing to excel. There are novel ideas, topics and essay questions that you can explore. Go for intriguing subjects that add value to your audience. You can also seek help from expert writing services and get more tips on how to select the best argumentative essay topics.

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20 Unique Argumentative Essay Topics for 2024

  • Should prisoners have the right to vote?
  • Should the use of performance-enhancing drugs be legalized in professional sports?
  • Is there a correlation between violent video games and real-world violence?
  • Should the United States adopt a flat tax system?
  • Is homeschooling better than traditional schooling?
  • Should there be mandatory military service for all citizens?
  • Should the government regulate the use of AI and machine learning algorithms?
  • Should college athletes be allowed to profit off of their name and image?
  • Is universal basic income a viable solution to income inequality?
  • Should schools switch to a year-round schedule?
  • Should internet service providers be allowed to throttle or prioritize internet traffic?
  • Is social media addiction a real problem?
  • Should the United States switch to a single-payer healthcare system?
  • Is the use of drones ethical?
  • Should genetically modified foods be labeled?
  • Should there be a maximum limit on the amount of wealth an individual can accumulate?
  • Should the use of facial recognition technology be banned?
  • Is vegetarianism a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle choice?
  • Should schools teach financial literacy as a mandatory subject?
  • Is the use of electric cars a viable solution to climate change?

Top List of Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

Here are interesting and controversial subjects that you can explore to achieve the best essay:

Argumentative Essay Topics on Society

  • Abortion: Its legality or illegality.
  • Euthanasia for terminally ill patients.
  • Discrimination in private businesses: Should clients suffer on account of race or gender?
  • Should the rules on illegal immigration be relaxed?
  • Should churches pay taxes?
  • Death penalty: Is it an efficient deterrent?
  • Progressive taxation policy: Should there be equality in payment of tax?
  • Social Security: Is it effective for the poor in society?
  • State welfare payments: Do they make people lazy?
  • How has globalization affected society?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Family

  • Homosexual couples and adoption of children.
  • Child discipline: Is whipping effective?
  • Gender roles: Should women work or stay at home?
  • Family relationships: Children with аsingle parents.
  • Reintegration of sexual offenders in society.
  • Foster care for children in violent families.
  • How do children benefit from reading?
  • Do homosexuals make better or worse parents?
  • Effects of corporal punishment: Is it helpful or harmful to children?
  • How does communication enhance family unity?

Argumentative Essay Topics about Law

  • Law and society: Is law applied equally?
  • Legislative powers: Focus on how the law has negatively affected society.
  • Should judges consider public views when making their decisions?
  • Is the law on death penalty fair?
  • Second Amendment and the right to bear arms by ordinary citizens.
  • Supreme Court in the U.S: Does it have too much power?
  • Should birth-right citizenship be abolished by Congress?
  • Should ex-offenders of crimes be employed?
  • Should the law on age of majority be amended?
  • Legalization of marijuana: Pros and cons.
  • Do medical negligence suits affect how a doctor operates?
  • Right to remain silent
  • Laws on domestic violence: Are they strict enough?
  • Freedom of speech: Should it be limited?
  • Laws on equality: Are they effective?

Argumentative Essay Topics about History

  • Is the U.S the land of opportunity?
  • Slavery in the ’80s and modern day slavery.
  • The Vietnam War: Was it right?
  • Did colonialism help Third World countries?
  • American Revolution and the influence of George Washington
  • Is James Madison the father of Constitutionalism?
  • The effects of World War II: Can it be justified?
  • The Mexican-U.S. War: How has it affected the relationship between the two States?
  • The impact of civil war in Europe
  • Female Politicians in American history

Argumentative Essay Topics about Ethics

  • Should Priests be compelled to breach confidentiality?
  • Patients who cannot afford medication. Should doctors deny treatment?
  • Should lawyers defend murders and rapists?
  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Should they legalize marijuana?
  • Is affirmative action fair?
  • Sex offenders register: Is it ethical?
  • To what extent should hunting be allowed?
  • Telling the truth: Should there be a limit?
  • What is the right age to have sex?
  • Ethical issues around abortion: Should it be legalized?
  • Human trafficking: Buying and selling human beings in the modern world.
  • What is the place of morals in culture?
  • The concept of morality: Truth or myth?
  • Is Euthanasia justifiable?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Health

  • Free healthcare for all.
  • Social conditions and their effect on individuals’ health.
  • Should seniors pay for health services?
  • Animal cloning: Is it helpful?
  • Healthcare for prisoners: Should they have the same access as free people?
  • Have private hospitals led to the less use of public hospitals?
  • Mental healthcare: Should it be free?
  • Should doctors reveal patients’ HIV/AIDS statuses?
  • Alcoholic abuse: Is it a disease or an addiction?
  • The health of women: Should be a priority for States?
  • Sanitary towels for girls in schools should be made free.
  • Paid vs. Free Health. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • World Health Organization: Is it effective as a global institution?
  • Traditional medicine vs. modern medicine
  • Medical negligence suits: Do they affect a doctor’s work?

10 Argumentative Essay Questions and Examples

Great essay topics should be attention-grabbing. As a student, you should exercise a lot of prudence when selecting an essay question because some ideas are outdated. Make sure that you only choose relevant and contemporary subjects that relate well with your audience. Here are a few Argumentative Essay Questions:

  • Death penalty: Is it effective to prevent crimes?
  • Is the U.S election affair free and fair?
  • Cigarette smoking: Should it be prohibited?
  • Is our society rotten?
  • Peer pressure: Is it a good or a bad thing?
  • Should we use animals for research?
  • Is social media a bad influence to children?
  • Has technology made human beings lazy?
  • Is betting in sports helpful?
  • Should there be free education for everyone?

10 Argumentative Essay Topics About Politics

  1. The ideals of republicans vs. democrats.
  2. Does the right have a higher association with misinformation?
  3. Should there be a nationwide vote before going to war?
  4. Does the government have the right to access personal data without permission?
  5. The cost of a campaign and who pays for them.
  6. Social effects on changing parties and political violence
  7. Why conservative states tend to lean right in political decisions?
  8. Should government have the right to prohibit certain relationships and marriages?
  9. Who should set political budgets, and how should they be determined?
  10. The profitable business of lobbying and why it should be monitored.

Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The influence of social media on the general psychological mood of the country’s population.
  2. The history of the development of social media on the Internet. Did it bring benefit or harm?
  3. How is social media marketing evolving in 2021 and 2022?
  4. The influence of social media. How are we managed?
  5. Evaluating the effectiveness of social media campaigns
  6. The concept, specifics, trends and typology of citizen journalism.
  7. Typological features of the format and content of the new.
  8. Social media as a phenomenon: classification, trends, perspectives.
  9. Twitter as a communication platform for politics and business.
  10. Video platforms as a way to form the Internet TV market.

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should schools have a dress code?
  2. Is social media beneficial or harmful to teenagers?
  3. Should smoking be banned in public places?
  4. Is it ethical to use animals for testing and experimentation?
  5. Should there be a limit on how much homework students receive?
  6. Should college be free for low-income families?
  7. Should fast food restaurants be held responsible for the obesity epidemic?
  8. Should there be mandatory community service for high school students?
  9. Is the use of plastic bags and straws harmful to the environment?
  10. Should parents be held legally responsible for their children’s actions?

Fun Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Are cats or dogs the better pets?
  2. Should pizza be considered a healthy food option?
  3. Is cereal a soup or a salad?
  4. Should hotdogs be considered sandwiches?
  5. Is a burger a sandwich or a separate food category?
  6. Is pineapple an acceptable topping on pizza?
  7. Should ketchup be considered a smoothie?
  8. Is a hotdog a sandwich or a taco?
  9. Should you put your toilet paper roll over or under?
  10. Is a burrito a sandwich or a wrap?

The Best Argumentative Essay Ideas for College Students

Occasionally, great concepts are generated by just reading numerous diverse options. When you get a list of topics and questions, you can explore the interesting ideas that have been presented. You need to note what you know you can write about then narrow down your list to remain with the most thought-provoking topic. Argumentative essays should have some controversial views about a subject to hook your audience. Here are a few ideas:

  • Should States deliver free health care services?
  • Making abortion legal or illegal.
  • Cost of education. Is it too high?
  • Legalization of Marijuana.
  • Is technology helpful or harmful?

If you don’t trust your writing skills, you can seek specialized assistance from professional essay paper writing services. You will get more brilliant argumentative essay ideas to write about and interact with well-trained writers to tailor all your academic papers to meet your requirements. Additionally, the services are offered at very competitive prices with great discounts and bonuses, free revisions, a solid privacy policy, guaranteed prompt delivery, and 100% original academic papers. Order your essay today and enjoy first-class services.

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