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Subject: Technology
Pages: 6
Words: 1662
Rating: 4,9

The increasing use of Artificial Intelligence in technology will transform…

Human intelligence has proven to be one of the best among the creatures of the earth, and this can be seen in their intelligent behavior that…

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Subject: Law
Pages: 3
Words: 837
Rating: 4,5

High-speed police should be banned

IntroductionThe role of police in crime prevention cannot be gainsaid as they help to prevent a host of criminal activities from taking place. To realize their…

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Subject: Health Care
Pages: 4
Words: 1137
Rating: 4,5

The wrong that is abortion

This research is targeted on the pro-choice activists that support the abortion debate. They include women of all ages and races, men that support the idea,…

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Subject: Law
Pages: 2
Words: 560
Rating: 4,4

Persuasive opinion pro-gun rights

Domestic gun ownership has increased greatly over the years. Some guns are legally owned and licensed with the relevant authorities while others are illegally possessed by…

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Subject: Robot
Pages: 2
Words: 545
Rating: 4,3

Robots are coming for your job

How to Remain Economically Relevant as a Scientist as Robots Takeover JobsFor decades, humanity has fretted over the loss of employment as a result of technological…

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Subject: Family
Pages: 6
Words: 1581
Rating: 4,8

Parents should not divorce

More and more parents divorce because of their incompatibility and they adopt nontraditional family styles. According to CDC, nearly 3.2 out of every 1000 marriages end…

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