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Easy access to numerous fast foods restaurants makes people have limited options towards nutrition, and many end up indulging unhealthy foods. Many urban communities houses families with low income and maintaining a healthy balanced diet becomes a problem. Majority of healthy foods in these communities are purchased by high-income families, and the unhealthy foods in the joints and restaurants are the last options for low-income households. In fact, these fast foods are mainly in processed and canned forms with limited vegetables and fruits as supplements. This paper identifies the problem of obesity and how a community can establish a healthy lifestyle.

Identity of the community

Hartwell community is located in the inner city of Cincinnati in Ohio, even though there are no clear boundaries; it extends on 1,480 square miles. Hartwell community is surrounded by numerous neighborhoods including Carthage, Bond Hill, and Roseland. Besides, Hartwell community is connected to cities such as Wyoming, Arlington Heights Springfield Township as well as Lockland.

Demographic and Epidemiological Data

Hartwell community houses an estimate of 4500 residents and the area is referred to as the Northern Gate of Cincinnati because it opens up to the neighborhoods of the north. Based on the population of the area, Hartwell community is a suburban area. Approximately 2,719 men and 2,610 women occupy the neighborhood of Hartwell. In terms of median age of the community, the males are 34.0 years old while females lead with 38.3 years old.  Caucasian is the dominant ethnic group in the area followed by African Americans. Moreover, Most of the homes located in Hartwell community are made up of single and multifamily designs.   A good number of these families have both parents with an average of two kids while a few families have grandparents of seventy years and above. According to the data obtained from Hartwell Ohio website, the poverty level of Hartwell community is low with an estimate of 17.9 percent when compared to Cincinnati which has approximately 26.0 percent poverty level.

Comprehensive Community Assessment Windshield Survey

A general observation on the Hartwell community reveals that residents are young and healthy. A good number of people dress in coats, sweaters, and hats to match the cold condition of the area. A closer look at most individuals reveals overweight and obese signs. This can be attributed to the number of fast food restaurants in the area such as Wendy’s, Gold Star Chili, Little Caesars Pizza and Taranga African Pizza.  Cold weather played a vital role in minimizing the number of unhealthy foods being sold on the streets.  In addition, there is only one fresh food market in Vine and Campton Street referred to as Country Fresh market in Hartwell community. Most people in the area drive cars as the main mode of transportation. Moreover, buses are used as the public transit with a few other individuals using bicycles while a small number of people walking. Work is available in the community ranging from a clerk at Kroger’s store to Apprenticeship services and carwash manager.


The main problem affecting the area is the availability of unhealthy foods which cuts across the entire population from infants to elderly. Hartwell community is occupied by numerous fast foods joints and restaurants with one fresh food market called Country Fresh Market.  Obesity and overweight related problems are the main challenges derived from indulging too much fast food without an adequate supply of fruits and vegetables (In Engdahl, 2015).

There are no hospitals in Hartwell community which can help in providing fundamental information and health care services for individuals with obese and overweight issues. According to In Engdahl (2015), individuals consuming fast foods without vegetables are at a higher risk of developing chronic complications such as diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity. Besides, the strategy of Healthy People 2020 strives at promoting appropriate lifestyle habits that influence health as well as eliminating chronic ailments (Starke-Reed, McDade-Ngutter, & Hubbard, 2013). This strategy can be obtained through campaigns that encourage consumption of balanced diet, physical exercises and maintaining appropriate body weight.


Hartwell community has only one market that sells fresh produce called Country Fresh Market. Besides, the area is occupied by numerous fast food joints and restaurants such as Wendy’s, Gold Star Chili, Little Caesars Pizza and Taranga African Pizza. The mentioned places pose as a health hazard to the entire Hartwell community since they supply the area with unhealthy foods with limited fresh produce. In addition, there are no hospitals in the area to intervene early childhood obesity as well as encouraging healthy foods and nutrition. The community can add up groceries stores in the streets while the fast food restaurants can be encouraged to increase salads, vegetables, and fruits in their menus.

The community should encourage its residents to make good use of the available recreational and playground facilities. At the corner of Vine and the park of Galbraith are ideal places for physical activities such as swimming in the pool outside the park and playing basketball at the court of the recreational center.  Furthermore, the community needs to establish health care resources for the public to meet the rising demands.

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