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Subject: Literature
Pages: 7
Words: 1985
Rating: 4,7
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The rape of Callisto by Jove with the rape of…

Ovid’s Metamorphoses never shy away from talking about societal evils such as rape in the mythical narratives. The story of Callisto’s rape by Jove and Philomela’s…

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Subject: Art
Pages: 16
Words: 4005
Rating: 5,0

To what extent does Hollywood film distribution and exhibition strategies…

IntroductionThe dominance of the USA in the cultural industries of the world, especially in film, has long remained uncontested. While the industry has been global since…

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Subject: Art
Pages: 4
Words: 1034
Rating: 4,9

The trouble with aid

The documentary, The Trouble with Aid, is about the plight of humanitarian assistance that began during the Biafra war way back in 1970s. Since then, numerous…

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Subject: Art
Pages: 14
Words: 3625
Rating: 4,9

How the conditions of production of digital cinematographers have influenced…

IntroductionThe cinematography is defined as the science of motion-picture photography that is done through the recording of light or any other electromagnetic radiation. Such a process…

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Subject: Media
Pages: 2
Words: 536
Rating: 4,3

Literature and film

Parody and satire have always played an important role in shaping the modern world. As a powerful art form, satire and parody possess the ability to…

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Subject: Art
Pages: 20
Words: 5030
Rating: 5,0

Architectural photography

SummaryArchitecture has been a subject of photography ever since the first modern picture was taken. The popularity of this depiction persisted through the 19th and 20th…

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Subject: Art
Pages: 8
Words: 2006
Rating: 4,3

Music and health

IntroductionIn the past few years I have been using the music from the playing in the gym for exercise, be it cardio, strength training or just…

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