Causes and effects of violence in children


Television news does broadcast the rampage of violence in American schools these days. This violence can be either bullying or other insignificant habits that makes the young children to feel insecure in schools. Violence in schools is a dangerous thing to both the health and education of students. Some have associated it with the violent video movies watched by children and sensitive and suggestive music exposing them to violence. On the other hand, the critics of this point of view claim that, the music and movie watched by these children is not what causes a problem. Besides, there are irresponsible parents who through their action foster development of violent behaviors affecting the teens. Despite the causes, violent among children is disastrous t their development, education, and health as it negatively by instilling fear in them. Therefore, understanding the causes of violence among children is very important to minimize the effects violence has on these children.

To begin with, intolerance is one of the causes of school violence. This is mostly experienced in areas where children from different countries, races and sexualities come together for an important function (Cleary & Edberg, 2014). In some cases, many people will have a feeling of not fitting that group. This becomes harder if some children around makes fun of you for the quality that makes you unique from them (McDonald & Williams, 2016). The treatment that someone is exposed at the time can also force him or her to practice violent when with other children in school. The practitioners of violence, in this case, are trying to revenge for what have been done to them. It is as if they have some bitterness in them that they want it to be released by doing the same to other children.

Secondly, violence and violent behaviors develop in children due to increased exposure to weapons and illicit object since the 1990s. This has made many school children want to emulate violent people they see on media (Pozzoli & Hymel, 2014). For instance, a child will want to behave like a certain actor whom he saw in a movie of his or her choice. Furthermore, this is also closely related to children’s access to drugs, cigarette, and alcohol. When a person is drunk in most cases, tend to be violent to other people, and this is what other children exposed to drugs do to the fellow children. The life of today is very different to the previous generation(Cleary & Edberg, 2014). This is because children take drugs at an early unlike in the past where only the elder people would do it (Cleary & Edberg, 2014). We have those who criticize this point by saying that in the previous time, topics of drugs were not there, but some children could also be exposed to violence at an early age. To them, nothing big has changed over the years.

The same way the causes of school violence are easily speculated is the same way we can see the effects of violence in schools. One of the dangerous effects of violence in school is the frequent shootings within the schools found in America. This is mostly done by former students who dropped out of school because of being violent(Pozzoli & Hymel, 2014). This student may have the feeling of revenge in them to the students whom they left behind. When these shootings happen, in most cases death follows. Some innocent people may die because of violence something that is so disturbing to their parents (Pozzoli & Hymel, 2014). Besides, violence affects school learning and involvement in activities. Through involvement in various violent act

In addition, the consequences of violence in schools are the shift that it does to the process of education. Teachers in schools are supposed to teach, but due to cases of violence, they may be forced to skip teacher while on the lookout for those violent students (Pozzoli & Hymel, 2014). Teachers may be forced to do this simply they want to restore peace and protect the innocent students (McDonald & Williams, 2016). Rather than focusing on teaching alone, teachers are forced to divert some attention to violent matters (Wright, 2016). Doing this is gone for a teacher, but in the American point of view, it brings a perspective shift in schools. Therefore, students in some schools may not get more education as teachers may be required to keep their safety.

Lastly, violence in school has an effect of installing fear in some children that they fear their fellow students. For instance, in a school where we have students teasing one another, kinds of bullying and previous incidents of violent children fear attending school because they are not sure of their safety (Cleary & Edberg, 2014). When some parents see that something can be done to stop this, they look for an alternative way of educating their children for them to be assured of their safety. In return, this can lead to population reduction in schools (Ferguson & Olson, 2014). Children with special gifts in education may lack a chance to pursue education to the highest level.

In conclusion, violent in school is a real thing that is linked to many causes with diverse effects.  Some claim that is linked to the movies watched by children. Some cause like intolerance that comes because of exposure to violent that itches someone to do it others in return. Furthermore, children early exposure to weapons and other illicit substances is linked to causes of violence. Drugs are also one of the contributors to violence in schools. The effects of these causes are diverse in the way they contribute to the shifting in the procedure for education by forcing teachers to pay more attention to violent matters rather than teaching. Moreover, some intelligent student may fear to go school because unsafety cases that make parents educate them at home. Shootings in schools are another intermediate effect of school violence as it leads to the death of innocent and gifted students. Besides, violence being there in schools is something that can be stopped by both parents and teachers when they cooperate to instill discipline in children at an early age.

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