Changes in the 1920s


The 1920s were an era of intense political, economic and social change. It is during this era that most Americans moved from farms and started living in cities. The wealth of the nation grew to almost double during this era. With technology, all people were to have access to the same goods and have a social life that was similar throughout America. The 1920s were a time of great change in the social aspect, for women and cultural and civil wars.

One of the most known signs of the change in the 1920s is the young woman. During this era, the young women started indulging in things that were mainly termed as un-lady-like things for instance smoking and drinking. It is in this era that women started moving out of the socially kept restrictions regarding their careers. They started getting and carrying out white collar jobs. Fredrick Lewis Allen in his article articulates the different changes that occurred in this era as far as the young woman is concerned. He mentions that by the end of the 1920s, the young women would want to go to big cities like New York to make a life rather than just staying at home.

Cultural and civil wars are other events that signify the change in this time in a great way. The article about Howard Johnson, the African American editor showcases how the black warriors fought to ensure that discrimination comes to an end. According to the article, the black community grew as a result of the two crucial forces that supported it to survive.

Other changes included economic growth as can be illustrated by the object lesson image, social and moral change as can be seen on the Carey Orr. Illustration and changes in fashion in document E. The decade surely marked a time of great change in America.

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