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The containment policy of the US in the early Cold…

Introduction and Definition Containment was the policy in which the United States used numerous strategies in a bid to prevent or limit the spread of communism…

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Space race and the cold war

The space race was one of the competitions that emerged between the United States of America and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The two…

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The cold war informative essay

Introduction The cold war refers to a geopolitical tension that succeeded the Second World War between the western and the eastern blocs. Soon after the end…

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What factors explain detente`s breakdown in the late 1970s?

Several factors led to the breakdown of Détente in the late 1970s. The first one to come up was the longer-term trends associated with arms control….

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Does national interest change over time?

Introduction The phrase ‘national interest’ has entered the lexicon meaning a realist tactic to international relations. It is based on the assumption that the term national…

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The U.S historical themes of Great Depression, World War II,…

The Great Depression in the United States The 1929-1939 depression was the biggest economic downturn that the Western industrialized countries have ever experienced. The depression in…

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