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The concepts of commitment and comprehension in this analysis are examined in light with James Sire, who is more concerned about the worldview, which indeed informs the way people comprehend things. Mostly, “Naming the Elephant:  Worldview as a Concept gives a jaunt of a father trying to respond to the question posed by his son who wanted to know much about what the world is. Upon seeing the globe, he asked his father about it, and more importantly, he was interested in what holds it up. The father replied that it is an elephant, but the child even later wanted to know about what underlies beneath the elephant. Through this case, the author involves the readers concerning the veracity of things and goes ahead to argue that the worldview is more of commitment, and not as some would think as though,  that it is guided by the core sets of propositions or beliefs.  In light of this position, I seek to express my personal experience concerning this understanding.


Following what the scholar explains, as captured in the statement above, I would confidently state that my worldview is more of a commitment than a mere set of beliefs. In various matters, I resort to making decisions informed by my great conviction of doing what is right. When I say what is right, it appears relative, but generally, I seek to make decisions that limit any harm to the people to whom they affect. Even though some scholars maintain that their immediate environment affects people, such as the school someone attended to, the friends, he or she has, as well the type of religion and faith that one subscribes to. This position gives more attention to explain the position of belief and the environmental influence in the way an individual perceives the world. However, I consider it a commitment to affect comprehension towards doing what is right, instead of being engulfed in the beliefs to make judgments in various matters. Additionally, the human person is made of different personalities, which include the hidden self, private, and public image that the people know from outside. In other words, there are things about me that I only keep to myself, and not any other person, while on the other hand, there are parts of me that are only known to my confides, whereas the public self is made available to all members of the public. In all these, however, I endeavor to do the right thing and avoid what would be detrimental to the people around me and me. Therefore, I am not guided by beliefs, but with an adequate indulgence of undertaking what is right, even if challenges my beliefs.

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I have to point out that my worldview has been tested for integrity. For instance, my culture does not fully believe in the notion that women deserve to have equal visibility with men in various realms. I grew up with two sisters, and as a young man, I would be influenced to advance the same belief. I remember my Uncle Eric telling me that I should behave like a man, which indeed implies that men are greater than women are. One of the occasions of the family, I was entrusted with the responsibility of organizing the activities including the roles that every member of the family had to play. While organizing the process, I identified some positions and gave to some of my sisters, even if it was a general belief that women should not handle some tasks. I appointed sister Sarah to perform as principal speaker despite the fact that she is the youngest in the family. My brother challenged me for doing so, but I maintained my worldview that all human beings should be regarded as equal, and not judged by their position in the family and sexuality. I think, my integrity was tested here with a worldview dilemma, but I scored. 


The concept of worldview is an important tool that can be used in testing understanding in different people. It is worth noting that the worldview informs the way people deal with issues around their lives. If someone’s worldview were more informed in a particular area, he or she would be considered an informed person in that regard. This indeed promotes the notion that an individual’s worldview is a greater tool to use in testing his or her understanding. As a result, people are committed either to making the world a better human habitat or to choosing to do little to aid in that realization. Therefore, worldview and understanding are indispensable. 

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