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Water Pollution In Australia

The Blue Mountains in Australia is affected by mine pollutions. The environmental lecturer, Ian Wright together with his team, discovered effects of Clarence Colliery on the Wollangambe River. The operators of the coal mine release their mine wastes into the river affecting the water animals. The pollution does not only come from the discharge point but as far as 22 km downstream. According to Ian’s report, it is one of the most polluting coal mines in the world (Jackson Vernon, 2017). Compared to other coal mines in the world, this one in Australia is happening in an area that is so clean. They discovered significant amounts of salts and metal in the river. The number of insect species in the water dropped by ninety percent. As much as the mine offers job opportunities to many local inhabitants for over four decades, it is still posing a health risk to biological life and local community. The Environmental Protection Authority in the country states that they have investigated the issue for over a decade and have come up with strategies for reducing the emission of metals and salt in the river. The pollution has further affected a recreational site near the river which shows that the pollution is increasing (Jackson Vernon, 2017). Nevertheless, EPA has issued a notice to the centennial coal on strict cleanup requirements.

The event has triggered effects in the country both short term and long term. The contamination that spreads more than ten kilometers from the entry point is spreading further. The river passes through the Blue Mountains and the Wollemi National Park. The river is beautiful with a scenically amazing place attracting many tourists from all over the world. The water is not suitable for drinking as it is highly contaminated. The pollution is causing a drastic effect on the river in the sense that the river will dry in the end. The river has turned into a black color because of high amounts of coal. Tourists visiting the park are not allowed to swim in the river or drink the water because of the high levels of salt and metals discharged in the water. The coal mining industry is a permanent job for many people despite the fact that the environmental damages it is causing. Harming the ecology of the waterway poses a risk to the fishing industry in Australia (Lipman & Bates, 2012). Already most of the fish, insects, lizards and water animals cannot survive in the toxic environment

Wollangambe River meets with the Colo River West in Parsons Forest. The pollution in Wollangambe River affects the Colo River as well. Tourists who visit the country are affected in ways that they cannot enjoy recreational activities like swimming. Australia is a country that practices coal mining as well as the fishery. Many people around the region also entirely depend on the mining industry for a living. The pollution made the state come up with policies that make the coal mines responsible in their disposals. The Environmental Protection Authority has issued the coal mines with a license that will guide them on placement strategies (Lipman & Bates, 2012). The elimination of pollutants into the river means that the industry is not responsible for providing safety for the community around. They do not value the animals that live in the river despite depending on the fish for food. The community around also enjoyed recreational activities like swimming which has stopped due to the water pollution. The government in stepping up to reduce the water pollution shows a caring and responsible environment. EPA wants to investigate further on the origins of the contaminants so that Australia cannot be listed as the most pollutants in the worlds (In Weckström, In Saunders, In Gell, & In Skilbeck, 2017). The move shows that the country has strict regulations against pollution.  

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