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Syndicate Bike Stores is a sole proprietorship business that provides the following services; motor bike repairs, selling and buying of motor bike spare parts, and also arranging Motor Bike races. The paper will therefore develop an internet strategy for Syndicate Bike Stores. The discussion will also focus in  describing how Syndicate Bike Stores can use the social media to achieve such objective.  The paper will also research and analyse both the markets and the competitors (Liu, Sung & Yao, n.d.). The paper will also point out the internet business model that would be perfect for Syndicate Bike Stores in creating the website. There will also the manner in which the business will benefit from the website. Additionally, the functional specification of the Syndicate Bike Store will be prepared. This will include the links connecting other sites in the design. The paper will also come up with a list of technological specification for the implementation of the website. This entails a number of hardwares and softwares that would be necessary to support the design. The Syndicate Bike Stores will benefit widely from developing a website. The website will act as a platform for marketing purposes, sales, customer support, and also internal communications. 

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Internet Business Model

The internet will give rise to new forms of business models for Syndicate Bike Stores. The internet business model for Syndicate Bike Stores will be reinventing the tried and true models. The selected internet business model will lead in passive income and will work through the active income. For this reason, Syndicate Bike Storew will use the social media model in creating their website.  This is because with over 800 million social media users, social media model is the most preferred. The social media model will offer free online services for the company. Under this measure, the service will be social networking. The model will sell the targeted ads to their client. Syndicate Bike Stores will not have to pay anything when using this services. The model is effective because Syndicate Bike Stores will not have to purchased ads on paying per click basis. Additionally, this platform will be advantageous to the company because the ads will be laser concentrating to a certain target market (Mwonen & Muehlhausen, 2013)

Benefits from a Web Site

Syndicate Bike Stores will be selling tangible products to the mass market. Therefore, the website will provide Syndicate Bike Stores with the global shop front. As such it will allow the company to attain that mass market. The Syndicate Bike Stores will have that added benefit that the internet will never shut. The business will be opened for business all day long, 7 days in a week, 52 weeks in a year (Liu, Sung & Yao, n.d.). The website will also allow the company with a huge economies of scale. In addition, when Syndicate Bike Stores operates solely on the internet, it could locate its business in a low cost parts of the country. The company will take advantage of the domestic development grants. The business will not need multiple shops and their relevant costs. The company will only have a central warehouse where it would keep their suppliers thereby reducing the operational and the logistical costs to the Syndicate Bike Stores (Meghanathan, Nagamalai & Chaki, 2013)

There are other ways in which the company might use the internet for their own benefit. Syndicate Bike Stores might also use the internet to come up with a Just In Time operations. The company will use the E-Procurement and come up with an integrated Stock Control System to maintain their optimal stock level. Overally, this can offer streamlines operations which will be able to offer a highly competitive prices to their customer. Hence, the profit margin for the company’s shareholders will greatly be increased (Crickett Software Limited, n.d.). The internet will also help Syndicate Bike Stores to connect with the niche market. Syndicate Bike Store might supply their highly specialized services to the niche market with the desire that there hundreds of client for their product. The trouble is that majority of the potential customers might not know the existence of the company. So the internet will allow Syndicate Bike Stores to reach out and have their global presence n their niche speciality. 

Functional Specifications of the Company

The functional speciifications of he company will give the developers a rough idea of what they need to build. It will also give the testers on what tests they should run. The functional specification will also give to the clients so that they specifically know what they might want. The functional specification of the company will include its description, flow charts and some screen shots of the website. The website will offer an online meeting place where the clients of Syndicate Bike Store will communicate and find their useful information. The home page of the company’s website will have the store, shopping cart, and the wishlist of the client. The home page will have an appealing message that welcomes the client to the webpage. The store section will outline a list of Syndicate Bike Stores products. The shopping cart will contain the shorping cart items while the wish list will show the customer login details in terms of user name vnd passwords. 

Technological Specifications for Implementation

Technological specifications for implement will use both the client side scripting and server side scripting for coding purposes. The client side scriting will be execute and interpreted by the browser (Liu, Sung & Yao, n.d.). This specification will be viewed by any client to the site. The common client side scripting that will be used include the java Script, MooTools, HTML, and CSS. The Server side scripting will be interpreted and executed by the web servers. The technologies that will be used during the execution and interpretation of the web server include the PHP, ColdFusion and also Python. 

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