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The educational video, introducing English language learners to the classroom, typically addresses English as a Second Language (ESL) and how it is taught to the non-native English speakers. This is largely because of the overwhelming number of English Language Learner (ELL’s) in the American educational facilities.

The video describes ESL as the study of the English language by the non-native speakers in the English speaking settings (Nordquist, 2017).The Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) essentially teach English to English language learners to achieve three primary goals (Film On Demand, 2017). First, they hope that through the learning session ELL’S can express themselves and communicate in the social settings. Second, through learning learners should thrive positively in academic and other scholarly fields. Ultimately, teachers hope that English language learners are in a position to use English in culturally appropriate ways (FOD, 2017). 

Normally, the educational video also shows that each session in ELL classes counts and it highly contributes to the learner’s eventual outcome. During this time, the mainstream teachers are expected to answers the student’s questions, allying their fears, and making the students feel much comfortable in the new learning outcomes (FOD, 2017). Even then, the teacher has the sole responsibility to make the student’s stay during the learning session interesting and most importantly make them feel comfortable and welcome in the classroom and the learning facility in general (FOD, 2017). The first few days in the learning institution, however, as indicated in the video, are rather complex and delicate for the English learner especially due to the obvious reasons like language barrier and the difficulties experienced in trying to blend in the new culture. Besides, the learning environment could also be unfamiliar for the new learner among other factors (FOD, 2017). 

Through the educational video, it is evident that English language learners need thorough guidance throughout their course to enhance and familiarize them with what they do not understand. Some of the available options, as illustrated in the educational video, include the provision of textbooks and other learning material such as a dictionary that covers their first language and the second language. As such, the student can competitively keep up with other and deal with the existing limitations and barriers. 

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