How the Scientific Method is Used and Why

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How the scientific method is used in research and discovery process

The scientific method is used by the scientists while researching the empirical evidence. The collection is done using measurable methods for an experiment, (mostly uses then/if forms statement), where aiming its results to be objective in theory through contradicting it or sporting it. Therefore the scientific method can also be referred as the process that is used in performing and designing experiments. The best part of it, assists in minimizing the bias and errors found in most of the experiments and encouraging on confidence and accurate results on the experiment. The scientific method is applicable in steps that are rational and logical (“The Scientific Method,” 2017). The steps used in organizing the involved procedures and human thoughts. 

1ststep- Observation- to help one know what is wanted in the research

2ndstep Hypothesis – involves the answers that one thinks to find.

3rdstep prediction- it includes the specific ideas from a specific belief. When there is the correct hypothesis, there will be the discovery by through prediction.

4thstep experiment –invention of the tool to be used in answering the question.

5thstep conclusion the answered by the experiment.

The scientific method is important in research and discovery process

The scientific method helps the homeschooler when teaching since it provides the fundamental science process and its benefits indeed go beyond the class level. This method helps even the students when processing and analyzing information as they receive in class. The scientific method helps the brain in use of logical process and even examination for all the received information (“The Importance of the Scientific Method,” 2017). The scientific method, however, makes constant attempts on prejudice or bias influence minimization to the experimenter.  The best scientists ever, in any way cannot escape bias. The Human filters are based information as results from different varying beliefs, where it means on personal experience.  Nevertheless, the process of filtering causes the scientist to determine on two possible outcomes. Therefore the scientific method lays its significant role in avoiding bias (Harris, 2017).


1.    What is scientific method and how does it help.

2.    Steps used in use of the scientific method.

The scientific method helps to understand steps used when carrying out classroom activity, science fair project, independent research and other science-based experiments.

  1. Ask questions on something you deserve; who, which, when, where, how, what or why? (Buddies, 2017).
  2.  Do a background based research- instead of starting from scratch through putting plans together when answering the question one needs to be the real scientist through use of available resources and research materials.

c.    Construction of hypothesis on things that you work- it involves the attempt on answering your question with a testable explanation (“The Scientific Method,” 2017).

d.    Experiment to test your hypothesis- to verify the accuracy of your hypothesis.

e.    Draw conclusion and analyze your data-analyze and collect measurement to consider they do support the hypothesis.

f.    Communicate on the found results- tell others of your finding on the final display or report.


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