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In the current world, social media has become the most common and the most convenient mode of communication and expressing personal feelings about something (Bryfonski, 2014). The youths as well as the young adults are the frequent users of social media compared to old adults. The use of social media has many negative effects to its users than it has benefits. Despite social media being adored by most people across the world, it does more harm than benefits. According tion. This paper will argue in support of the point that the social media has many negative effects to the society than it has benefits. The paper will use different sources and real life examples to support the statement that social media affects the society negatively. The argument paper will highlight various ways in which social media has negatively affected different groups like youths and children within the society. The paper will support its arguments using different examples of social media and the extent each affects the society.

Social media leads to spread of messages and information that affects the society in a negative way. Most negative vices that are condemned by the society for example racial discrimination and homosexuality are promoted via the social media. Most people learn about such acts and get interested in them through the social media. In addition, some people take to the social media to spread information that could undermine existing peaceful existence between varied parties. These statements support the case that suggests that social media affects the society in a negative manner (Bryant, Thompson, & Finklea, 2013).

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Social sites of communication have negatively affected the existence of strong relationships amongst member of society. One of the facts associated with social media is that it creates a false sense of relationships. In the past when there was no use of social media, people used to have strong relationships with each other because they met from time to time. With the current dominance of social media among members of society, it is rare for people to meet. The most convenient meeting platform is the social media (Brook Lapping Productions, 2015). Through such odes of communication, people might have many friends but their friendships are characterized b loose ties. In addition, the use of social media has spoilt existing relationships in societies by breaking bonds between people. Many divorce related cases in the US are related to the use of social media. Many couples have broken their marriage vows because of social media. Social media promotes immorality and unfaithfulness between couples. Unfaithfulness between partners in marriage is the commonest cause of divorce (Bilandzic, Patriarche, Traudt, & Bilandzic, 2014). Social media is addictive to its users. Because of its addictiveness, social media causes distractions among people and it leads to low productivity among members of society. Considering the above discussed points, social media use must be regulated because it has multiple negative effects to the society (Healey, 2013). 

There is another suggestion that social media positively affects the society. According to this argument, social media promotes commo my opinion, the use of social media in the society ought to be regulated in order to reduce its negative effects to the society. More regulations especially the use of the internet for social media for instance face book, and twitter must be implemented to ensure that the young generation is protected from the negative outcomes associated with social media addictunication amongst member of society. People are living in a world that requires continuous communication between people. This point is supported with the fact that social med is the commonest and easiest way of communication with people you cannot easily get contact with.

Social media is the most common and convenient means of communication but with many shortcomings. The communication through social media promotes spread of negative messages among people. Its availability for communication kills strong relationships among members of society because most people do not recognize the importance of visiting others or meeting for an important discussion. It has weakened relationships because most people prefer meeting through social media. 

Based on the above points, social media affects the society unconstructively. It spreads negative messages, undermining relationships in societies, and its addictive nature makes it a distraction for development. There is a need to regulate use of social media because it has many negative effects to the society.  

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