Expect more, Pay less


Part 1 –Introduction

My unique selling point (USP) is “Expect more, Pay less.” Even though this USP will also act as my slogan, it will be the internal touchstone and rallying cry. In other words, it is what I will want people to feel come through in my marketing strategies, not feel like I am trying to convince them. In the advertising industry, my advertisements are fairly uninterested objects and I really do measure how attentive my audience will be, and this makes my brand unique. However, it is very challenging to have a unique advert, considering in the modern society media spaces have been influenced largely by technology. Nonetheless, this report explains who I am in the industry, what is special about what I do, the media and communication spaces I work in, the reasons why I do what I do and why it is important and relevant to the industry, and how my USP is relevant today. Then a conclusion is provided.

Part 2 –Who I am

I believe it is my responsibility to contribute to the authentic, integral development of people and to foster the wellbeing of the society. I do consider the positive contributions that my advertisement does make; pointing moral principles that do apply, and proposing certain steps for the consideration of those professionally involved in the advertising. My reasons for addressing work ethics are simple. In contemporary society, advertising has an intense impact on how people comprehend life, the domain and themselves, particularly in respect to their values and their methods of selecting and behaving. Also, generally, the field of advertising is tremendously diverse and broad. I try as hard as possible to have adverts which make people develop in their understanding and practice of what is good and bad. I am also morally responsible for what I seek to move individuals to do. For example, if I desire to move individuals to select and rationally in morally good ways, I do what is morally good. I also believe it is ethically wrong to use exploitative, manipulative, and corrupting methods of motivation and persuasion. Nonetheless, I really do enjoy very many things about advertising such as making Logos, ethics and eye catching adverts. I do know and believe I am an expert and creative advertiser because I consider all aspects of the society before releasing any of my adverts. I engage all stakeholders of the brand in decision making before coming up with a conclusive idea. Sometimes, you find that the type of advert I want to release promotes products and instruct attitudes and type of behaviors which are contrary to moral norms. In such case, I try my best to make ethical, eye catching adverts which do not exclude anybody in the society, which is within the target group.

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Part 3 – What is special about what I do

I believe I have something special in what I do as an advertiser. For instance, I am the best copywriter in the world and that is why I have a unique selling point “expect more, pay less.” The ability to write advertisements that sell is one of the best money-making skill one could ever hope to acquire. I believe if you have this competence, then you should never worry about money or moving your brand one step ahead. For instance, as long as I can get a piece of paper, a pen or a crayon, I can write an advert from anywhere in the world. I believe as a copywriter I have zero competition. This does not mean there are no good copywriters out there, but there is incredibly few of them who can do what I do. I love what I do, and this makes the work special. If you are in need of a truly world class copywriting, I believe then you have to learn to do it by yourself. In the advertisement industry, there are very few advertisers who can write adverts which really sell, and this makes my services highly demanded. Besides, I believe I am an egotistical, abrupt lot most frequently more interested in dwelling on my own heavenly wonderfulness than slaving away on your lowly project. But, as for me, I usually debunk on the subject of copywriting and try to take the mystery out for my people. This differentiates me completely from other brands in the advertising industry. In this industry, I do deal with different types of products in the bazaar, and for this reason I have to rely on persuasive for of advertisement. I have to use an approach which differentiate my brand from the competition and gain benefits which allow my brand to compete strongly with the competition.

Part 4 –Media and communication spaces I work in

Media and communication spaces are systems that use combined audio, video, and computers to allow people and groups to work together regardless of them being distributed temporarily and spatially (Mantei et al. n.d, p. 203). I have worked in several media spaces such as Photoshop, InDesign, and CAVECAT (computer audio video enhanced collaboration and telepresence) in my firm while designing some adverts. CAVECAT for instance allows me and my colleagues to engage in collaborative work from our respective offices. It consists several enhanced workstations which are linked by video, audio, and computer network. Every workstation has a TV monitor, personal computer, microphone, speakers, and a TV camera. Similarly, I have also worked in spaces like Photoshop. For billboard and magazine advertisement, I do photo shopping of the images to make them more appealing and attractive. I believe altering images to make them appeal is a form of art just like sculpture or painting. Advertisement has many artistic aspects; fashion, photography, and staging the set. These media spaces have made me work and express my ideas about adverts in a profound manner. However, the spaces have also made me realize how deep technology can change the human nature of understanding and communication. On the other hand, I have an understanding that media and communication spaces express new methods of communication, with unforeseen and new potentialities and uses. The effective understanding of media spaces however necessitates one to resolve thoughtful architectural and execution complications in distributed computing. If work ethics are not employed, media spaces such as Photoshop can raise serious ethical issues. For instance, in almost each advertisement relating to a female, her image is cropped, airbrushed, and tweaked. Enlarging her features, airbrushing her skin, pronouncing her cheekbones, minimizing her waist, and raising her eyebrows are one of the instances of a woman’s image can be altered (Waller 2015, p. 109). Media space with extreme reliance on technology are turning out to be quite helpful in the advertising industry.

Part 5 – Why I do what I do

I do what I do because I want to influence people with my creativity. In other words, I have to make an impact on them for them to choose the brands I promote. Working in the creative industry is no doubt very challenging, but is also very rewarding. I believe regardless of the daily struggles we have, there is usually a silver lining. Looking back, I think I was meant to do this. As a child, I used to solve my problems (particularly getting bored easily) by playing pranks on people and recruiting others. Always in good fun, never mean-spirited. Surprise and laughter were my antidotes if life was boring. The uncontrollable kind. I do what I do because people are bored. I want to influence them to make them happy, smile. With my creativity, I make people recall something’s which were valuable to them. I want people to view the world differently. My advertisements to take them somewhere they have never been before. The adverts to make the people feel, and then act. Advertising presents the audience with a choice as adverts are inextricably tied to a service, product, and experiences in the real world. No other type of content has that, a perceptible catch in real life. A bank account, a shoe, insurance policy and a car. Of a specific brand. That you could own. Which in turn becomes a permanent reminder or what that advertisement made you feel. And how you felt you had something to do! I love seen people not being able to forget that they can after watching an advert which I have written. All this is relevant to the brands I promote and to the industry because when people are completely influenced, they will definitely consider purchasing the products being promoted. Nevertheless, I also do what I do because I have the ability to turn great thoughts into something useful. I just love having the ability to solve problems and facing new challenges. I believe every customer out there is a unique learning opportunity. All this is important because it gives the brands new face. I like driving around and see the work of my hands. My advertising.

Part 6 – How my USP is relevant to today

In contemporary society, my unique selling point is relevant because I am very innovative with a modern point of view, I am always updated of recent events. I move with trends. I know exclusivity is sporadic, and coming up with an unremitting stream of products with exceptional features is, in practice, tremendously challenging. Particularly, in the current ever changing business environment which is impacted by diverse factors such as globalization and changes in technology, I have adapted a unique selling point which will encompass all changes in the business environment. Being creative and innovative are my strongpoints, and this makes it easy to write and make adverts which reflect this. I do offer low prices, best quality, I am exclusive, offer the best customer services, give the best guarantee, and offer the widest choice. These factors makes my USP relevant today. Besides, in the field of advertisement, many changes either in technology or customer understanding of the field makes it very challenging to operate. As many products are identical in offering the main benefit, I identify the main advantage your product offers over the competition. In order to make my advertising message attractive, I usually find an important benefit unique to your product or service in one of the three ways Product feature. This USP may be based on product features associated with the product, ranging from what it does to the quality of your support services. Emotion. The USP may be based on an emotional appeal, such as love, humor, or fear. Association. The USP may be communicated by association with a well-known personality. This facts helps me move with the trends and be updated always. My USP differentiates my given objects from competition. My USP is also relevant because it gives me a focus, and therefore improving my effectiveness of my sales and promotion activities. As an advertiser, I usually have constricted space to communicate all the benefits and features of a certain product or service. Hence, in just few words, I look to convey how the brand is different and what consumers can anticipate when they purchase the products or services.

Part 7 – Conclusion

Thus, in conclusion, every business, regardless of the industry it operates, it has to try to make their unique selling points work for the business. The field of advertising is tremendously diverse and broad. People operating in this field should try as hard as possible to have adverts which make people develop in their understanding and practice of what is good and bad. They should also be morally responsible for what I seek to move individuals to do. On the other hand, when it comes media spaces advertisement has many artistic aspects; fashion, photography, and staging the set. These media spaces have made me work and express my ideas about adverts in a profound manner. Therefore, in the advertisement industry, a lot of creativity is needed in creating the advert and releasing it to the public. The public has to receive it as if it is something they have never seen, something which can influence their judgment, and their feelings.

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