Future Career in Project Management

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The career in project management prepares student on the setting as well as achieving rational goals. To afford this, Kerzner & Kerzner (2017) argues that students need to have knowledge of planning and organizing together with overseeing how the processes of attaining the set goals are running. Hence, in contrast to the role of a business manager which is to concentrate on a specific business area, the roles of project manager revolves around all aspects of the limited period on distinct projects. 

Some of the three potential project management roles or positions that I could mainly prefer as my employment opportunity when I complete my project management program are as follow: – first position is assistant project manager. According to Meredith & Mantel Jr (2011), it is a job position or project management role that is crucial as it acts as a link between the company and the client. Hence, it does not mean that assistant project managers keep assisting the project manager but, they are assigned a certain duty to manage. It is a person who reports to the Project manager on the progress as well as problems witnessed. 

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Second potential position to consider is that of associate project manager. A person in the position of an associate project manager usually helps more experienced project managers in managing large as well as complex projects. The third potential position is that of implementation manager. Morris et al. (2016) argue that at this position, an individual works together with the project manager in ensuring that information system or a new crucial process is effectively implemented in an organization. An individual at this position also ensures that affected workers on the project have the information needed. 

The above project management role or positions are found mostly in supply chain management and logistics industries. The project management roles are crucial in this industry because many processes and parties are involved including the customers, suppliers among others. Besides, a lot of skills are needed which include leadership, management, and communication as well as being familiar with project management frameworks. Hence, a lot of project management roles or positions are needed. Therefore, completing the PMAN program in the project management will ensure that I have all the skills needed to secure a position as an assistant project manager, associate project manager or either as an implementation manager among positions. 

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