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Garth Brooks, as a performer, began by writing and singing songs in the year 1985. During these periods, he played guitar in clubs and bars. Just like any other performer, Garth experienced a humble beginning, meaning he was financially unstable and depended on the future of his performance. As he kept on performing, many of his audience began to admire his talent and they were attracted to visiting the clubs whenever he had announced that he would perform. During this time, with regard to his stability, Garth felt motivated to keep pressing on and hoping that he would gain more followers with time. He had elder siblings who had a passion for music too though they were not talented as Brooks was. Through these siblings, he was exposed to a wide range of music. When he realized that this made an impact in his musical life, Brooks began spending more time with them and learning from the music he had. This helped him learn the different types of music and their significance. This is how he heard of the rock and roll genre, which pleased him and his siblings more. After realizing that their siblings too were attracted to the genre, Brooks decided to approach them and find out their reason for preferring the genre. The response of the siblings suggested different reasons as compared to the reason that he was listening to the type of music. Garth’s main attraction to this type of music was the fact that it sounded interesting in terms of the beats and rhythm. On the contrary, the siblings’ primary reason for embracing this genre of music was the fact that the music was rich in content and it was an effective way of informative singers to reach out to the audience. This gave Brooks an additional reason for loving and anticipating to indulge in the rock and roll type of music (Garth Brooks Bio, n.d).

Although Brooks wrote music that would outstand in the market by being distinct from the rest of the artists, there are several factors of similarity, which he considered in his music. To begin with, his music was related to the music of the previous generations in the sense that it was rich in content. From his research, Brooks realized that many of the audience that listened to his type of music prioritized the context of the message in the music as compared to anything else. This attracted him to setting his standards in order to create quality music and attract more listeners than those that have traditionally listening to the type of music. His major aim in doing this was to appeal to the ancient listeners of this genre. Maintaining rich content also helped him in raising the quality of his music. This was recognized by new listeners too and they were attracted to listening to the rock and roll genre through Brooks. Additionally, it helped to make him famous in the industry as the singer whose content is richer in content than the music of other singers. To get to this similarity, Brooks followed the path of identifying the strengths of the ancient singers who made it in the industry. To make it better than they did, he surely had to maintain these strengths and work on their weaknesses too. Another strength that made Brooks’ music similar to that of the ancient singers in the industry is its formula of rhythm. The order of words and tunes that Brooks utilized in his songs resembles that of the music produced by previous generations. His decision towards this relation was influenced by the fact that many of the audiences listening to this type of music have always loved the rhythm of the ancient music and they criticized the new songs by upcoming artists, which utilized new types of rhythms. Hence, to appeal to this kind of audience, Brooks had to stick to the rhythm relations of his music, and the music sang by the previous generations (Dean, 2007).

Right from his childhood to his career, Brooks was always unique as compared to his peers. During his childhood, he stood out as a bright student, who always wanted to read the books that were left behind by his siblings. The fact that he was an informed peer maintained a distinction that dominated even in his adulthood. There are a few things, which this performer decided to do in order to differentiate himself from his peers. To begin with, Brooks’ way of performance showed his differences from his peers. On stage, he chose to advance from the wired microphones used by everybody else in the same industry as his, and decided to use the wireless phones. This gave him space to move around freely while performing and unleash all his energy while on stage. The fact that he had a chance to do his best offered him an opportunity to be vigorous and attractive to many of the audiences. This was appealing mostly to the audience that graced his shows and occasions mainly for entertainment. They felt more entertained by Brooks than his peers did and competitors in the industry entertained them. Another difference that was observed between Brooks’ peers and Brooks is the fact that he was always willing to learn new trends in the industry. It is indicated that when he peers were busy producing one song after the other continuously with the hope of obtaining a better market position, Brooks was busy conducting a research of the trends in the market. This established his musical trend at par with the recent updates in the market. The subsequent result of this was a higher performance in as compared to that of the peers that were competing with him.

Technology has offered Brooks great partnership throughout his career. This is observed through his successful actions of research, recording and performing music. Additionally, his bond with technology was experienced later on when he decided to team up with Amazon in order to reach out to his audience through the online platforms. He began interacting with technology when he recorded his first album. He invested in hiring the components of an effective studio in order to make clear sounds and shoot quality videos. The partnership extended further through his career as he kept producing music with clearer sounds and videos of higher quality. This makes it clear that Brooks has been investing more in the incorporation of technological advances throughout his career. Additionally, Brooks’ relationship with technology has also been viewed on stage whenever he began performing his products. Brooks was found to use mechanical devices that were different from those of other musicians. For instance, the usage of wireless microphones was an indication or a better compartment with technology. The microphones allowed him to utilize a larger space while performing as compared to the limited space that other singers were entitled to by the wired microphones. The technological instruments used during his performance also made his career successful. He used the guitar to rhythm his music. The fact that he had special skills in usage of these instruments made his performance distinct. Later on, he decided to reach out to his online audience through utilizing technology to stream content. This again made him updated, and he managed to reduce the expenses of reaching out to a large range of audience. Since he was an international performer, this relationship with technology was essential to the citizens in countries that he did not manage to visit. Hence, technology has played different and great roles in making Brooks’ career successful (Garth Brooks, n.d).

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