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Subject: Technology
Pages: 3
Words: 868
Rating: 4,7

Technology for a better business

Technological developments are growing at an exponential rate that everything seems to be geared to the fast and easy access of everything for the comfort and…

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Subject: Education
Pages: 2
Words: 690
Rating: 5,0

Daycare vs. stay at home parenting

The debate concerning daycare versus stay at home parenting is a touchy topic that creates controversial opinions. However, the underlying concern is which of the two…

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Subject: Sociology
Pages: 14
Words: 3661
Rating: 5,0

How do theories help us understand and change โ€˜the cityโ€™?

AbstractThe present study is interested in exploring the role and significance of theories in understanding and description of social and physical phenomena existing all around us….

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