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What do you believe was her preferred leadership style?

The transformational leadership was her kind of leadership style and it incorporates well with her clinical manager leadership position in the dialysis facility.

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Describe how that style helped the clinical manager to achieve success

In general clinical managers in whatever facility they are assigned to whether in a dialysis facility or any other facility they are able to apply effective leader characteristics to their duties in order to win the trust and also the respect of members in their teams. Clinical managers are also able to lead the clinical practice development. As a clinical manager in a dialysis facility, E. Schimmer as a transformational leader was able to achieve success as the primary focus particularly on establishing relationships with team members worked. As a transformational leader, she was able to motivate her team members particularly through a shared mission and vision through voicing their opinions. In other words through her leadership style E. Schimmer inspired, praised and encouraged other staff members to attain greater levels of performance while on the hand earning her loyalty and respect. As a transformational leader it is essential to achieve success as most of these leaders are certainly considered as role models and source for inspiration for future clinical managers and other nurse leaders.

Describe how that style helped the director of operations to achieve success?

Learning to become a very effective leader is a particularly essential skill that is developed in the nursing education and as a director of operations A. Holt usually had many things to work on.  She spent several years in management and she had to learn each and every person as an individual and therefore her leadership style is considered to be the coaching leadership style that allowed her to motivate others, reward when a job was properly done and she also allowed for individual creativity.

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Describe how that style helped the director of operations to achieve success?

As a Director of operations Holt ideally focused on team work, preparation for greater responsibilities, career development and also leadership. The coaching leadership style essentially involves encouraging risk taking and growth through the assigning of many responsibilities and allowing the members of the team to make mistakes. The effectiveness of coaching as practiced by Holt in nursing was used to demonstrate better outcomes for organizations and also individuals. Her goal was to ensure that she empowered individuals, provided responsibility and opportunity with the chance to ensure success through rewarding when jobs were particularly done well. Holt also wanted to allow for individual creativity so that team members were motivated to generate better outcomes. Through her coaching leadership style, she wanted to ensure that she handled situations in the right way without letting emotions come in the way of her leadership role.

What do you believe was her preferred leadership style?

Williams worked previously as a clinical manager and was later promoted to the director of operations position due to the work ethics that she promoted as she was able to succeed better clinical outcomes and also employee retention. Team leadership style was her preferred leadership style.

Describe how that style helped the director of operations to achieve success

Most directors of operations are mostly responsible for evaluating, directing and overseeing all personnel in the nursing practice. They are also responsible for providing guidance for staffing procedures and also setting long term goals and objectives for the nursing department. Team leadership styles have grown very popular among most health care leaders as it involves involving the entire team in the process of decision making. When using the team leadership style Williams was able to develop loyalty among the team members. Williams possessed characteristics such as team building skills, awareness, vision, empathy, persuasiveness and also listening skills which enabled her as the director of operations to lead well and also meet the set objectives.  With these characteristics and skills team leaders are able to encourage and motivate individuals to do their best. Most of these leaders seek self awareness in order to understand their team members.

Explain why you chose each individual leader

Schimmer is a registered nurse and she holds the Clinical Manager position of a dialysis facility. Clinical managers have so many responsibilities and duties in addition to the core and basic responsibilities of supervision and coordination particularly in healthcare delivery. In the modern present day nursing care had increased from home health care, surgical centers, outpatient clinics to urgent care clinics. This individual leader is an important person nursing care which is considered to be multi-faceted and complex in nature and this kind of leadership is necessary in order to lead an efficient and productive workforce.

A.Holt is a registered nurse and holds a leadership role as the Director of Operation Gulf Coast Houston Home Therapy Program. The director of operations is an important role in collaboration with other leaders in the environment of the nursing practice and this is according to the America Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). This individual leader is very particular in ensuring that patient care quality is improved. In terms of taking on leadership a director of operations can take up any leadership styles from transformational to team leadership styles in order to meet set objectives.

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Williams is also a registered nurse and a director of operations and she utilizes the team leadership style Directors of Operations are nurse leaders who are committed to effective leadership styles because they are in very powerful positions to impact on successful staff development and ensuring maintenance of professional standards. These leaders are very relevant because they act as role models and source for inspiration for future nurse leaders.

Identify, compare, and contrast their styles and note any examples of servant or transformational leadership

Whether you are a clinical leader or a director of operations you hold a leadership role in the nursing practice.  Transformational leadership focuses mainly on building relationships through inspiring, encouraging and praising others to perform better while earning their trust, loyalty and respect. On the other hand the coaching leadership style encourages workers to indulge in open communication especially in the decision making process. Both the transformational and coaching leadership styles encourage other staff members to perform better and also both of them focus on establishing relationships. The team leadership style on the other hand is not different from the transformational and the coaching leadership style as it also encourages and motivates workers to participate in decision making processes.

Identify missed opportunities or questions you wish you had asked during the interviews

  • What are the challenges they faced with preferred style of leadership?
  • Whether they could have changed their preferred leadership style for another?
  • Whether the preferred leadership style they embraced enabled them to progress in their leadership roles?
  • If they were employed or promoted to different nursing leadership role, would they engage a different leadership role?
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