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The nurse-patient ratio issue or long-term health conditions (LCTs) is a typical possibly weakening condition that may leave a patient’s health at stake. Many people suffer from LCTs such as diabetes or hypertension and thus need quality healthcare. High-quality service delivery by nurses is thus of importance to save lives, ensure satisfactory patient care and to attain healthy populations. A good number of trained nurses provide excellent healthcare services to patients who need them. Nevertheless, the number of patients in need of these services exceeds the number of working nurses available in hospitals. This scenario dictates increased staffing of registered nurses. Since the ratio of patients to nursing is too high to provide excellent care as discussed below (Stone, Hughes & Dailey, 2017). 

By reviewing journals and books available in the school library and online, the study found that there is a deficit in the number of RNs dealing with LCTs (Shekelle, 2017). A reflection of the past practices and classwork was vital too. Quality healthcare nursing and necessary changes in the health sector are crucial in ensuring satisfactory care (Summit, Greiner & Knebel, 2017). Innovation and excellence in academic nursing are thus of significance as advocated by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) through better education of nurses (AACN, 2017). As a result of quality education and practicing, there will be a further augmentation in innovative nursing that will see practitioners work more professionally and as a team. Due to the health crisis, currently experienced in many hospitals, there is a need for strategic partnership and collaboration that will yield quality care professionals within nursing as a scholarly discipline. 

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LCT is a typical condition for which present medication and care are less effectual for some patients. Through quality education and innovation in nursing, there is more insight into the LCTs and number of caring RNs which has opened doors for more potential solutions. We assessed the viability of education in nursing and found this practicable and resourceful in achieving better care while increasing the number of trained nurses (AASN, 2004; AACN, 2003). Other potential solutions to help mitigate the diminished number of health practitioners (RNs and GPs) include of training more nurses, integrating personalized patient care, an educational campaign on the importance of good health and developing a strategic policy framework that will ensure good health practice by both nurses and patients. Additionally, increasing commodity price especially on those food types that are a health hazard when consumed in large quantities. 

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