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Hamwi and BMI

The Hamwi technique shows my weight to be 110lbs while perfect body weight percent is 159.8%. Presently, my BMI has been ascertained to be 31.2. As per Dudek, this places me in the classification of obesity class 1. According to Dudek (2013), my perfect body weight is at 138%. From this analysis, I found out that my calorie consumption is 1600-2050 calories in a day (Dudek, 2013). My recommended dietary allowance for starches is 135g while recommended dietary allowance for protein is 68g. Given my average calories consumption my acceptable macronutrient distribution range for protein is from 54-177g, acceptable macronutrient distribution range for sugars is 235-330g, and acceptable macronutrient distribution range for fats is 52-86g.

Food diary

Food diary

Food diary 2

Food diary 3


After analyzing my food diary, I have seen that am not eating the required amount to keep up the body weight that I have. As discussed above, and in light of the rule of Hamwi techniques, my approximate consumption of calories lies between 1636-2045 on a dairy basis. On average, I am consuming 1300 calories. From another point of view, I am additionally short in all the required micronutrients. For example, my food diary demonstrates that I consume 110g of sugars, 56.2g of fat and 194.2g of proteins. To keep up my weight, I ought to be around 130g of starches, 45g of fat, and 51g proteins (Dudek, 2013). From my diary, I am exceptionally a long way from meeting the sugar level. However, I have outperformed the fat and protein prerequisites.

Keeping in mind the goal to keep up weight, my base acceptable macronutrient distribution range ought to be 227g starches, 44g of fat, and 56g of protein. Then again, I am near the suggested every day recommended dietary allowance for sugars and proteins. The recommended dietary allowance for starches is 127g, while the recommended dietary allowance for protein is 68g. The supplements were difficult to monitor amid the nourishment journal encounter since finding the correct measure of supplements in a specific sustenance was elusive. I managed to discover rates yet these were constructed entirely on a 1900-calorie eat less.

Strengths & Weaknesses

In this analysis, there were strength and weakness that were drawn from my food diary. Firstly, I learned how to source for quality starches. Another strength that I have discovered is on finding the correct source of sugars; I observed that I was taking a considerable measure of grains, and I could scarcely decide on plain white bread. Moreover, I learned that I was drinking water. This is despite the fact that I was not achieving the required sum since mine was at between 1300-1800ml. This demonstrated that I am attempting cognizant endeavors to accomplish the required quantities.

Notwithstanding the qualities, regardless I had a few shortcomings, for example, dietary patterns. There are those days I eat the necessary measure of nourishment, and there are different days I eat barely enough nutrition. Another glaring shortcoming is unconsciousness of what I precisely eat. I learned that I eat in light of comfort as opposed to health.

  • Health Illnesses: currently I have no medical conditions or illness of any kind.
  • Medication Interactions: currently am not under medication interaction
  • Culture: I have no cultural influences.

Diet Plan

Firstly, my diet plan would involve consuming 1550-calore diet, which would help reduce my BMI. In addition, I intend to take after the suggested dietary rules for Americans on decreasing sodium admission to less than 1850 mg a day, devour fewer than 19% of calories from fats, and reducing cholesterol intake to 380mg in a day. I likewise might want to restrict my intake of red meat and pick up a big share of carbohydrates from whole grain alternatives instead of refined grains. I need to endeavor to build up an activity regimen that includes no less than 30 minutes of physical action each day. Different associations, for example, American Heart have likewise suggested that 30mins of daily physical movement are required to a healthy life.

Goal 1

I will consolidate one serving of natural product in my eating routine, and vegetable also. To execute this, I want to store quality agricultural products in the house. At that point, I will get required estimations for the admission and secure them zipped packs where I can get to them as snacks for the duration of the day, and I can bring the best possible presenting with dinners. In any case, I see one test as a hindrance to adequately doing this, which is the higher level of perishability in vegetables. I know it will be hard to store vegetable without refrigeration. As nursing students, we are restricted to getting to the refrigerator. To some degree, this is a tedious exercise for an understudy with an all-day employment to cut up the foods grown from the ground each night.

Goal 2

This depends on meeting the objective of having 30 minutes doing the physical movement for no less than five days consistently. Spreading the function admirably all through the length of the day can make me accomplish this. I can stroll to class, utilize the staircase, and even enjoy another type of activity, for example, moving hip-bounce music. Additionally, I can run on occasion. “Issues of time must be observed to avoid failing to accomplish my mission.” More often than not I am occupied and in this way finding the perfect time to exercise in the course of doing homework and contemplating may be troublesome. Perhaps I can utilize a strategy, which includes practicing amid the ten minutes break of homework.

Goal 3

I want to decrease my red meat admission to a solitary feast for every week. This objective appears to be anything but difficult to accomplish as I have as of now began working out methods for accomplishing it. So far I am still at three meals of red meat every week. My goal is to have more available options accessible for taking white meat like fish. Nonetheless, the huge obstruction is the enthusiasm I have for red meat.


I want to recognize that this activity has gone about as an eye opener to me to the extent dietary patterns are concerned. It has been grateful especially on the need to practice a balanced diet. It has made me see that eating from the viewpoints of comfort is not imperative when searching for the correct decisions of nourishment. From the task, I have a combination of eating meals that leads to an advantageous way of life. I saw the significance of expanding the quantity of products of the soil fused into the eating routine to diminish cholesterol in the body and purging the calories. I also learned that there is the need to eat while you are quiet and stay away from any diversion amid the eating procedure. This is because if you do not do this, there is a probability that you may over eat or under eat, which is a terrible eating habit. So ultimately, I have learned that enjoying physical action would help with diverting the dietary anxiety patterns, which are against eating admirably. With everything taken into account, the venture has propelled me on the need to have a more advantageous existence.

Through this exercise, I have learned that daily consumption of these nutrients, as well as carrying out healthy habits, such as regular physical activity, are one of the pillars of good health and physical and mental development. That is why nutrition contributes directly to strengthen the immune system, to contract fewer illnesses and, in short, to have good health. On the overall, nutrition education and information campaigns have become the main lines of action for preventive health policies around the world.

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