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The Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Great Barrier Reef

IntroductionOcean acidification (OA) has become a growing area of concern among scientists and environmentalists over the past few decades. Existing research explores the causes of ocean…

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Subject: Environment
Pages: 3
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Woolworths announces all stores will ban single-use plastic bags within…

SummaryIn a shocking announcement, Woolworths disclosed that it would shortly commence phasing out single use plastic bags especially in BWS stores, supermarkets and Big W with…

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Subject: Environment
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Packaging material comparison

The different types of packaging materials to choose from when shipping encompass wood-based, plastic-based and paper-based shipping containers. An essential consideration in shipping is choosing the…

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Subject: Environment
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Community based social marketing

What I am trying to accomplish is the project on Solid Waste and Recycling in Schools. The goal therefore is to reduce the toxicity of the…

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How to reduce waste in their home

Waste management has been a major issue in the society today. It is almost obvious that the world that we live in today is characterized by…

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Waste production

Waste production, which is trash or garbage, is a common name for what is identified by environmentalists as Municipal Solid Waste. It consists of everyday items…

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Your next argumentative essay about plastic pollution explores one of the most dangerous time bombs our environment sits on. Unlike air pollution, plastic waste endangers land and marine life. Plastic bags contaminate drinking water and endanger future fossil fuel sources. Your paper on pollution may also encourage readers to play their part in environmental conservation. The writing piece can also inform readers about the dangers of plastic waste to human life.

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