Policy paper on human trafficking

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Conditions of bad labor are widely existent in almost all countries in the world. The growth and development of international trade and the significant dispersion of manufacturing processes across geographical locations have significant economic, social and environmental effects. It has become consistently difficult to trace and manage the source of the consumed products. As such, most of the bad labor conditions gain focus and attention when high profile incidences occur (Simas, Golsteijn, Huijbregts, Wood, &Hertwich, 2014). Forced labor and human trafficking are the primary types of bad labor conditions.

Problem Statement

Although slavery is illegal in every nation in the world today, modern forms of it can be found in every corner of the globe (ILO, 2017). In January 17th 2017, an article was published describing a conspiracy by two Mexican nationals, Agustin Mendez-Vazquez and Ever Mendez-Perez. The two were charged by an indictment to obtain as well as provide forced labor. The two were found to have applied physical force, threats to apply physical force, and threats to deport the migrant employees as well as debt bondage to gain control of their migrant employees.  The employees were subjected to physical beatings, harassed and abused and in some cases required to forgo fractions of their salaries if they did not work. This case came as a reminder and a demonstration that despite the many efforts employed by the government and the international community towards ending forced labor, the vice still exists.


Despite the interest of government agencies and the international community in curbing these crimes, there still exist a significant number of such crimes happening around the United States. This policy brief assess a case of forced labor and human trafficking and analysis of the main options and approaches that can be applied in curbing these forms of crime.


The fight against slavery, forced labor as wells human trafficking is not a one man’s responsibility but a combined responsibility of the members of society. There are various approaches and mechanisms of fighting forced labor and human trafficking. According to The International Trade Union Confederation (2015), the main approaches include enhancing and facilitating the formation of trade unions, the establishment of stronger legal frameworks, enhancing the application of the legal framework, promotion of the already implemented preventive policies, development and implementation of town plans against forced labor and holding the responsible agencies and the government responsible for the prevention of these crimes.

Analysis of Options

Each of the options listed above plays a considerably significant role in the fight against forced work and human trafficking. In the realization of the dangers and impacts of forced work and human trafficking, the United States government has enacted a number of laws against these forms of crime. Sections 1584 of the Title 18 make it unlawful towards holding a person in conditions of slavery or compulsory service against their will. Section and 1589 of the Title 18 on the other hand makes it unlawful makes it unlawful to provide or obtain forced labor (U.S Department of Justice, 2015). Although the legal framework is highly effective, it is sometimes costly for the victims of forced labor due to the requirements of attorney’s charges which most victims cannot be able to pay.

On the other hand, trade unions, though effective, only allow membership for known professions. As observed in the case above, the victims have been forced to performed manual jobs. As such, trade unions may not be effective in the case of casual workers. Since there exist legal frameworks already in place, an enhanced application of law will be highly effective in handling and curbing the crimes.


The enhancement of the application of law, and the design and implementation of town plans against these forms of crime make it possible to curb crimes as they are easy to implement and at the same time focus on the residents of the town.

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