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Subject: Sociology
Pages: 3
Words: 812
Rating: 4,3

The politics of race

Before the eighteenth century, the term race was used to describe different breeds of domestic animals, their group membership or descent from a common ancestor. Later…

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Subject: Sociology
Pages: 14
Words: 3661
Rating: 5,0

How do theories help us understand and change ‘the city’?

AbstractThe present study is interested in exploring the role and significance of theories in understanding and description of social and physical phenomena existing all around us….

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Subject: Political
Pages: 10
Words: 2735
Rating: 4,5

Edwards Candidacy against David Duke in Louisiana governor’s race

Elections are crucial as they keep the capacity of building public images. These images can be true as well as false and these images can bring…

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Subject: Technology
Pages: 12
Words: 3040
Rating: 5,0

Computer’s history and impact

Computers and electionComputers play important role in the modern life, they are used for multiple purposes and help people to process digital data, along with simplification…

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Subject: Culture
Pages: 5
Words: 1379
Rating: 4,5

The rise of Western power

The Rise of Western Power: A Comparative History of Western Civilization written by Jonathan Daly is devoted mostly to the history of European civilization’s success and…

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Subject: Political
Pages: 7
Words: 1806
Rating: 4,6

The role of EU membership application in Cyprus conflict

The article aims at providing insight on the impact of European Union in Cyprus. The union has the objective of transform conflict zones to regions that…

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Subject: Economics
Pages: 2
Words: 550
Rating: 4,7

The viability of foreign aid

The debate surrounding the viability of foreign aid has been intense among third world countries over the past few decades. In most cases, developing nations depend…

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Subject: Political
Pages: 5
Words: 1356
Rating: 4,4

Ethical issue: NSA surveillance

The NSA Data Gathering is the issue that creates both numerous possibilities for the safety protection and various implications in civil and legislative fields. Particularly, the…

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Subject: Health Care
Pages: 4
Words: 1039
Rating: 4,1

Health care reform

Question 1Studies postulate that nursing shortage is expected to be on the rise mainly as a result of the aging of Baby Boomers and also due…

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