Popular Culture: Effects on Society and Their Impact on the Young Generation

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Popular Culture 

For the better understanding of the term popular culture, the term should be broken down, and better still note that it is one of the difficult words to define in English. Culture could be defined as a general process of intellectual, spiritual and aesthetic development. In this regard, great philosophers, poets, and artists are recognized by the word great to give a sense of high culture. Popular culture can be defined as a combination of ideas, symbols, understanding and material goods from mass media like games, advertisements, and entertainment. Popular culture has have affected the society especially the young generation in several ways. Popular culture shapes the society. It defines what individuals do or like in the society (Storey, 2015). Every society has a culture. The popular culture determines the behavior and the fashion in the society. The advertisement on television, billboards or the radio could influence people to buy a particular product of a company. The influence of the media in environment conservation would determine which company will get most customers. The rising of the population and industrial development has increased the rate of pollution to the environment. The media has also emphasized the society on how to conserve the environment. This would change the way organizations operate to conserve the environment. Buyers would also purchase from a company that meets all the requirements. There are several ways in which popular culture influences the current generation today (Storey, 2014). Games and movies may affect people at a particular age on the way they dress and spend their time. This paper discusses the impacts of the popular culture in the society today.

In his 2015 publication, Storey argued that popular culture affects the society positively and negatively. For instance, a popular culture like rock music has been blamed several times for influencing young generation to consume alcohol, especially in the universities. The music always mentions about alcohol abuse. The videos also have influenced the young generation into taking alcohol among other drugs shown in the video. These videos from rock music also make young people become violence. Young people would love to live the lifestyle of their celebrities. If the celebrity is a bad influence on the young people, they are also likely to be addicts of alcohol and other drugs that are used by the celebrity. Games have a great impact on young people. Although many may argue that they have been playing games since they were young and it has never changed them, the fact remains that playing games have effects on individuals. Games and videos make children and adolescents violent (Storey, 2015). This habit of being violent may affect them future in life. Young people are known to imitate their celebrities and may find themselves into drugs and acts of violence if they are not careful guided. A popular culture like movies might promote sexuality among the young people. Young people now have access to almost everything in the internet. Some movies are acted in a way that they can easily influence them to do sex. In this regard, the young people can easily get into sexual abuse that may affect their future at an early age.

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Popular culture plays a significant role in the society today. For instance, popular culture has helped in the development of social norms. The culture defines what and how people should wear clothes. The fashion industry communicates to the people what people should wear through various platforms such as magazines (Storey, 2014). The advertising industry after that reinforces through radio, television films and other platforms. After these adverts, the fashion stalls and boutique starts to sell these clothes to the people. Due to the influence from the adverts, individuals are more likely to buy the clothes. Youths would purchase at a high rate if their celebrity was featured in the advert. Popular culture affects the language among the young people. For instance, music has changed the language among the youth in various ways as they try to imitate whatever the wrapper says in the music. The behavior of some teens is likely to change when they listen of watch certain movies, play games or listen to music (Storey, 2014). If one becomes a fan of an influential celebrity, he or she is more likely to change their behavior. Their celebrities influence even their dressing code.

Popular culture has helped people analyze and understand their environment better. Due to a rapid increase in population, people have started paying attention to the climate change in better ways. Being environmental friendly have affected the way people consume, vote and interact (Storey, 2014). Industries have started paying attention to the changes in the environment and how they can do to reduce pollution because of emphasis on the media. Moreover, consumers would change their buying pattern by buying products from the organizations and companies which meet the requirements set by the governments.

Popular culture is also used by business organizations to advertise their products to people. However, the use of a particular media determines the impacts of the business to the people. The most business company prefers advertising their products to people through television by using celebrities who have influence on the people in the society (Storey, 2003). The popular culture has also influenced competition among the individuals especially youth and the children. Kids and teenagers are now competing on who has the latest game and smartphone. Technology has played a significant role on enlightening people on the current issues. Children can also get the updates on what is latest on the television and radio.

Tv and the radio have shaped the society in various ways. They have been used to correct a particular behavior in society. Television and radios have a great impact on the society. Due to their influence, people can use them to enlighten about a particular issue affecting the community like pollution environment (Storey, 2003). People will, therefore, correct themselves without hesitation. Apart from business, popular culture has also been used by various famous people for their personal gain. Celebrities and politicians take advantage of the social media, television, and radio to campaign for themselves because they know they will reach many people in the society. Popular culture also promotes the growth of talents among the teens. For instance, a television shows could be used to grow the talents of young comedians in the society (Storey, 2003). Moreover, some television adverts are done by children. Popular culture has provided a platform where people from different places can interact in the society. Children play games online with people they have never met in life. The social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have also provided a platform where people can meet and exchange ideas. 

Popular culture has both positive and negative impacts on the society. It affects the behavior of the people as well as the life of the society. The influence of the popular culture determines the culture of the people. For instance, the popular culture can determine how people will wear in the society. This starts with the company selecting are a more influential platform to advertise the products. If the business company chose to use television and radio, it is more likely to get to many people (Storey, 2015). However, the influence of the advert is determined by who advertises it. A more influential person is likely to create more impact on the society. Teens are negatively affected by popular culture. Popular culture has influenced the youths in taking alcohol and the drug abuse in the society. The music and movies have influenced university students into taking alcohol and misuse of drugs. Most teens imitate the lifestyle of the musician. The videos and movies have also influenced the young generation in taking drugs and alcohol. Moreover, games and films make people violent in the society. However, the popular industry has been positively used by business companies to advertise products to the society. This brings profits to the company after the purchase of the products. Moreover, popular culture has also been used to create awareness on the issues affecting the society. For instance, the rapid increase of the world population and industrial development has brought concern about environment pollution. The media has also put emphasis on environment conservation through education. This has affected the way people purchase goods and products from these companies. People would prefer buying from the companies that meet the conditions set by the government and other health organizations (Storey, 2015).

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In conclusion, popular culture has a great impact to the society today in various ways. Popular culture influences the behavior and interaction of a society. Popular determines the pattern in which people purchase goods and services. For instance, people can buy a particular product depending on the influence of the popular culture towards the product. Moreover, young people are easily influenced by the celebrities they like in the society. A teenager would buy a product because a certain celebrity he or she loves has the product. Popular culture affects the society positively and negatively. In this regard, the society should be careful with the influence of the popular culture especially the youth. 

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