Scientists In the Wild

Subject: Science
Type: Critical Analysis Essay
Pages: 1
Word count: 280
Topics: Observation, Experiment, Film Analysis, Physics

Based on the video “scientists in the wild’ it is vital to acknowledge the role played by science in our general lives in the entire society. Science can be described as the acquisition of knowledge through various means such as observation, experimentation, conducting research to find facts on a phenomenon or to gain experience and to some extend through practice. The major role achieved from the science perspective is therefore to acquire the truths, facts of nature or some hidden phenomenon. The use of our senses such as direct observations and experimentation in the quest about nature helps in supporting the realities of nature and the underlying truths through systematic procedures. It exposes several ideas as well as important themes that one can use to conduct a test and independently derive a conclusion without incorporating biases in the outcomes through the exchange of materials and data that are supported by the available evidence. 

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In this regards, studying a course in science such as physics, I am destined to expand my knowledge through determining the facts based on the perceptions, experience, judgements and the available information. This helps in in testing and verifying the ideas for a deeper understanding of nature and the inventions that have been in places such as the use of computers, satellites, and airplanes. Understanding science disciplines, therefore, acts as a set of interrelated intellectual activities that are designed to find facts or information about the world in general. It also expands knowledge of an individual because the collected information is organized through systematic approaches that form eloquent patterns to distinguish the order between facts and opinions in our daily lives and the nature that supports life.26

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